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Cover Story

The Incredible Shrinking Metro

by Bruce Fisher

There is around $150 million in taxpayer money that has been committed for the Erie Canal Harbor development, on top of more than $46 million in public funds that have already been spent, and the plan is to spend it out over the next few years to build a retail and entertainment district where nobody has shopped for anything but sex and hockey tickets since about 1965.

Music Feature

The Perfect 10

by Kaitlin Isabella and Craig Reynolds

In the 1960s, the 3:33 single was both a recipe for pop perfection and a blueprint for the banal, but the rise of FM radio, which opened the airwaves to long-playing sonic art, radically devalued the meager pop song. In the ’00s, however, as iTunes and peer-to-peer file-sharing smashed the artifact of the album (and the music industry as a whole) to bytes, the concise package of the individual song has never seemed more relevant, or fun.

Guest Editorial

I Was Right

by Jeremy Toth

Last month, Artvoice printed my observations/predictions about the reorginization of the Erie County Legislature—who was pulling whose strings and who was aligning themselves with Steve Pigeon. Most of the anonymous online commentators at labeled my article as conspiratorial rantings.

Week in Review

7 Days: The Straight Dope From the Week That Was

by Geoff Kelly

Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

by Zachary Burns


The '60s Swing in The Relapse

by Anthony Chase

The English Restoration was a joyful and boisterous time in England. After years of oppressive rule, the Puritans were out. Charles II returned from exile on the continent, thereby restoring the monarchy. The good times were back.

Theater News


by Javier

How time flies! TV star Mark-Paul Gosselaar (pictured) who became very popular back in the late 1980s and early 1990s thanks to the TV show Saved by the Bell (which also starred Mario Lopez) will turn 36 in March.

5 Questions With...

Michael Kuzma: Lawyer, New York State Senate Candidate

For years, Mike Kuzma has worked in, and sometimes rallied against, City Hall in Buffalo, NY. If you’re tired of politicians whose positions seem to change with the wind, you may find his views refreshing. He recently announced his candidacy for the District 58 State Senate seat currently held by Bill Stachowski, who has served in local and state politics since 1974.

Classical Music

Beethoven's Back in Buffalo

by Jan Jezioro

Beethoven’s coming back to Buffalo at the end of the month. Well, not Ludwig van Beethoven himself, but next Friday the first concert in the Slee Beethoven String Quartet Cycle begins the annual performance of all of Beethoven’s string quartets at the University at Buffalo.

Film Reviews

Broken Embraces

by George Sax

A Single Man

by George Sax

Up The Yangtze

by M. Faust


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Friday, Jan. 15 - Thursday, Jan 21.)

Film Now Playing


See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of events to watch out for the week, including our editor's pick: "Embrace Diversity," an event presented by United We Stand: Buffalo, at Asbury hall on Wednesday, January 20th.

You Auto Know

Let The Shows Begin

by Jim Corbran

Nothing like the dead of winter to get people out kicking tires on new cars—indoors, where it’s warm and dry.

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

Natives of the Erromango section of the Pacific island Vanuatu recently held a formal “conciliation” with the great-great-grandson of the British missionary whom the islanders’ ancestors ate when he came ashore in 1839.

Letters to Artvoice

Water, Water Everywhere

by Kevin F. Yost

Instead of new sewer plants and systems to keep storm and sanitary sewage from appearing the in Commercial Slip, Buffalo River, and Cazenovia Creek, and their tributaries, there is a better solution.


Listings & Resources

Buffalo has a large and diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. For further information about its numerous organizations and activities, visit Gaywatch at, call the Western New York Pride Center (852-7743), or email

Literary Buffalo

Philosopher Peter Singer Wants You to Give Away Your Money

by John Stoehr

Flash Fiction

by Eric Beeny


by Brenda J. Cowe


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The number of bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat averages about 50. Meanwhile, your telephone harbors over 25,000 germs per square inch and the top of your desk has about 21,000.


Ask Anyone

I met this woman a few months ago—she’s smart; the sex is great; she’s really nice; she and my mom get along really well; she even volunteers for the SPCA. I want to move in with her. Here’s the problem: She has a handgun at home, and I won’t live in a house with one.