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Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

A perennially popular movie theme has the nerds and geeks beating the nasty rich and allegedly cool people. While no one is beaten or punished, the three members of Rush come out victorious while letting their collective geek flag fly in the new documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.

Harry Brown

Through the first half of this mechanical, simple-minded revenge melodrama, it seemed possible that star Michael Caine was going to be able to fight it to a draw, to salvage something for audiences. Somewhere around the midway point, though, it becomes unavoidably obvious that even Caine’s impressive resources aren’t enough to stem the tide of the movie’s deadening banality.

The Karate Kid

You don’t have to look back any further than the recently deceased Gary Coleman for an example of a performer whose life was ruined by childhood stardom. It may not be the norm—most kid actors either retire from the business or branch out into other areas—but the odds seem so stacked against it as a route to adult happiness that you have to wonder what sane parent would do that to their child.

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