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Scorecard: The Week's Winners & Losers

The Week's Winners & Losers

Harsh Judgements

Carl Paladino took a shot at David Paterson’s youthful drug use, calling the Guv on June 25 a “drug addict his entire life.” Let’s get this straight, use drugs a couple times, you’re an addict. Send racist and horse porn emails, and you’re what?

Wingnut Fuel

In a move likely to encourage anti-Obama sentiment with the Fox News crowd, on June 27 first daughters Sasha and Malia opted to visit the socialist side—traitors!—of Niagara Falls. Leave it to unrepentant commies to stick to their own kind.

Daytime Television

Two weeks after a 15-year-old suspended student was tragically gunned down in broad daylight, Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams announced plans on June 28 to end out-of-school suspensions. We predict a dramatic decline in Maury ratings.

Transit Simplicity

The NFTA made its most sane move in years on June 28, announcing plans to drop the confusing zone system and eliminate the cost of bus-to-bus transfers. Unfortunately no plan currently exists to address those embarassing 1970s-looking buses.

Airplane Safety

New regulations proposed by the FAA on June 29 would finally force small aircraft manufacturers—like those that built the plane that crashed in Flight 3407 in Clarence—to prove they can operate safely in icy conditions. Wait, how is this not already a law?

By the numbers...


Percent higher than the national average ($10,259) of New York’s per pupil education spending ($17,173), according to Census Bureau figures released on June 28. New York ranked the highest in the nation and three times greater than the lowest, Utah ($5,765).


Millions of dollars in proposed education spending vetoed by Gov. David Paterson on June 28. Three months late and under threat of a government shutdown, New York’s legislature rejected the governor’s $135.65 billion budget and voted in favor of its own—one which increases spending by $1.35 billion and is an estimated $400 million out of balance. Paterson vowed to line item veto an estimated 6,900 spending portions of the budget.


Number of US municipalities—­including Buffalo [City Code §180–1(F)]—that have laws banning assault and semi-automatic weapons. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer specifically mentioned Buffalo in his dissent of the high court’s June 28 rejection of Chicago’s handgun ban, a ruling which is likely to overturn gun restrictions nationwide.

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