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Sharon K. Bailey: Chanteuse/Blogger/Political Activist

Get to Know a Buffalonian...

You may know Sharon Bailey any number of ways. As a singer, she holds down the Friday night spot at the Anchor Bar, a gig she inherited from the legendary Dodo Greene. She is also an accomplished actress, a political activist, a communication professional, a blogger, and person-who-knows-somebody-who-you-really-need-to-know… Her inisghts and opinions are open at all at Check her out.

You took over the Friday night gig at the Anchor Bar, replacing the legendary Dodo Greene, who died in 2006. How’d that happen?

The drummer for the Jazz Example, the late Mr. Jimmy Gomes, offered the gig to me when Ms. Greene’s health began to fail and she could no longer return to the Friday night performances. I’ve been a professional vocalist in various genres for a little over 20 years. However my focus of late is jazz and R&B.

You also write a wide-ranging blog. What are you trying to achieve through that?

I am trying to foster enlightenment about issues that are of interest, not provocation and outrage.

You’re one of the few (or the only?) African-American women in the local blogosphere who write about politics and social issues Why do you think that is? Is it lonely out there among all the white men?

I’m not sure why. One guess is that blogging is not on the top of the list for black women my age in Buffalo. I wish there were more. I’m not lonely with all the white men; I’m indulged by them.

You worked on Mickey Kearns’s mayoral campaign. Why?

Kearns is the leader of the oppositional group on the Common Council. He said that he offered the people of Buffalo a vision that differed from that of the mayor and one, if followed, would offer the city an alternative choice for development. By working with Kearns, I would find out if that vision was real or not. I would gain insight into reasons why members of Council do what they do and if racial and gender disparity are factors that seem to prohibit unity within the Council. Regardless of the outcome of the campaign, I would gain a perspective that could help grow and develop our city.

What lessons did you take away from that campaign about our politics here?

I learned that many aspects of our city government are anchored in patriarchal values socially, philosophically as well as politically.

BONUS: What are you up to of late? Tell us about your latest projects?

I’m co-starring with Billy McEwen at MusicalFare in the production of Crossroad Blues. He is made of awesome, as is the entire cast and band. I’m having a great time doing the show. I’m also working at UB at the Center for Urban Studies, as a communications and web director for the Center.

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