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Why I Don't Vote

If voting was effective it would be illegal! I don’t want to vote on some person to bring me freedom and a better society, I want the say and vote in the actual issues and decisions. I don’t want to vote on any president to stop the war, I want to vote to stop the war! I don’t want to vote on some rich politician to provide healthcare, I want access to healthcare. I don’t want the same slimeballs overlooking our enviroment and resources and then doing nothing after catastrophies like BP oil spill, hydraulic fracturing, using depleted uranium to make bullets and bombs to riddle the Middle East with for imperialistic wars. I want a better world, and voting isn’t going to get us there. Struggle for revolutionary change, structural change that empowers everyone will, not supporting the same system that got us in this mess in the first place! Let’s put our energy, intelligence into building alternitives and self sustaining communities not give it to the system!

nate buckley

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