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KeyBank Has Lost Its Mind

KeyBank has lost its mind.

After a period of being unemployed, I recently landed a part-time job. I am grateful for this job as it is the first step to rebuild my financial life. My only bank account does not have a local branch, so I figured I’d just go to the bank the check was drawn on, KeyBank. The check was from the Buffalo Zoo and for only $156. KeyBank wanted to charge me $7.50 to cash this payroll check.

You have to be joking. Loan sharks charge less for check cashing services. KeyBank should be ashamed and embarrassed. The banking industry was the main cause of the current financial crisis. In the past, didn’t we as a society try to get the economically disadvantaged into the banking system so they could save and build credit? Now we get raped before we even get in the door. Please contact local, state, and federal representatives and ask for more banking changes. A bank should have to honor payroll checks drawn on that bank. Let’s push for this change while we have the momentum.

Michael Paluch, Buffalo

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