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What Did You Expect From Chris Collins?

I share in the well-verbalized outrage and disappointment expressed by our arts community over the funding cuts courtesy of Erie County “Executive” Chris Collins. But c’mon…the guy’s a Republican for chrissakes! Of course that’s what a socially and culturally tone-deaf Republican politician is going to do! Why would we think otherwise?

Part of the fault here lies with the voters who exhibited the unpardonable shortsightedness of walking into the voting booth and pulling the lever for this guy in the first place. He got enough votes to win, right? One has to know ahead of time that this is the kind of stuff we can expect from a Repug, and we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

Anybody in the arts community who pulled the lever for this guy is partially responsible for the predictable cuts.

Phil Schwab, Williamsville

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