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Fie on Paladino's Homophobia

The Pride Center of Western New York mustered nearly 100 protesters in front of Carl Paladino's Ellicott Square Building on Tuesday afternoon. (photo by Thomas Dolina,

As a true Buffalonian, I am proud of the culture, history, and the people of our great city. Over the past few months, I assumed a joke was being played on the residents of Western New York, and further, New York State. That joke happens to be Carl Paladino, but sadly enough, his so called campaign happens to be real. Not only am I ashamed of this man and his actions, but I stand puzzled on why people in this city are giving such an outpouring of support to this man.

Yeah, I love the color bright orange and I am mad as hell about a lot of things, but blindly endorsing a corrupt and sinister man with bigoted, biased, racist, and homophobic views is not going to make me feel better. Further, in the same respect, it is not going to make you feel better, either.

Paladino “stumbled” upon a gay pride parade in Toronto a few years ago and was shocked beyond belief, feeling the urge to condemn those who are part of the LGBT community. So what? He saw a couple gay guys dancing in Speedos in an outlandish parade in one of the most liberal cities in the world and he decides to classify the entire gay population into this stereotype. As a gay male, I would rather spend my time watching sports, studying, volunteering, and spending time with my family and friends. As more people “come out,” in regard to their sexuality, people are going to see that those who are homosexual are average, productive contributors to society, just as those who identify as heterosexual.

Paladino is also is a strong proponent against gay marriage; pointing out that being gay is not a choice and people choose this type of lifestyle. Whether one is born this way, whether one decides it, or even if a magical alien from Neptune lands and casts a spell on a person causing them to be homosexual, it does not matter. We live in the land of the free, where you are free to be whatever you want and free to love whoever you want, even if that entails dancing in the street, wearing a Speedo, in front of a conservative bigot from Buffalo.

Jeffrey Hartinger, Buffalo

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