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Project Censored is Anti-Semetic

In your recent listings of underreported stories around the globe (“Project Censored,” Artvoice v9n39) , you listed “Human Rights Abuses Continue in Palestine.” I take issue with this claim that the truth about life in the territories for Palestinians is not being exposed for what it is. I also take issue with the notion that the political system in Israel is tantamount to the policy of Apartheid as experienced in the former Union of South Africa.

First, there happen to be more reporters and news agencies in Israel than in any other country in the world. Most of them are from the United States. Reporters in Israel and the territories are not kidnapped, tortured, detained, or molested in any way as they are in many other so called “democracies.” News flows freely in Israel as it does in the United States. The government itself in Israel is more transparent than in any other Middle Eastern country.

Secondly, the irresponsible misuse of the word “Apartheid,” in applying it to every situation in which one side is attempting to make a point, is at the very least, a bastardization of the word, and at the most, dangerous to the efforts of peace in the area, and an insult to those who did actually experience “Apartheid” in South Africa. Just as Israeli Jews have been called “Nazis,” this is another example of people who are either too lazy or too racist to get their facts straight.

It could be that “Project Censored” researchers have just such an agenda. Whether it is overzealousness or downright prejudice, the end result is the same—spreading lies which damage peace and cause more violence. It is wrong both factually and morally. Someone should investigate the investigators.

Adrienne Crandall, Buffalo

• • •

I always read Artvoice as I am a jazz fan and want to check the calendar.

I was somewhat surprised that Artvoice hasn’t been more anti-Israel and anti-Semitic than it has been up till now. I had the expectation from the general tenor of your articles that your general orientation was one that would automatically be anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

I see that my expectations were correct. Although your article about Israel pleases me to know that my expectation was correct, the dishonest article about Israel displeases me.

I was going to send Artvoice a letter that the Buffalo News wouldn’t print as I know that from time to time you enjoy exposing the news.

I didn’t send the letter to Artvoice as I expected that you wouldn’t print it either. Again I’m pleased to see that my analysis re Artvoice was correct.

Harvey Rogers, Amherst

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