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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v9n42 (10/21/2010) » Eight Questions With...

Suzanne VanOrnan-Leonard: Paranormal Investigator

Get to know a Buffalonian...

Suzanne VanOrnan-Leonard: Paranormal Investigator

When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? The WNYPI of course. In honor of Halloween, Artvoice spoke with Suzanne VanOrnan-Leonard, head of the Western New York Paranormal Investigators. ( Based in West Seneca, VanOrnan-Leonard—an occupational therapist by day—and her mostly family and friends team of investigators have been probing and debunking claims of the supernatural at sites across the region since 2008.

What first got you interested in the paranormal?

I have always been interested in the paranormal. With the advent of shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers, I determined if they can do it,why can’t I! We, a group of family and friends, got together and decided to investigate Iron Island Museum. After listening to our EVP’s from that night, I’ve been hooked ever since.

What are you looking for when you investigate a site?

When investigating a site, any paranormal team is hoping to capture a spirit apparition. We look out for anything that the spirits are willing to share. We are on their time. If investigating a location that we have been called upon to do, we look for answers/proof to the client’s concerns. I have yet to witness a ghost or spirit, however I have seen items move for no reason and vapor that can not be explained.

What tools do you bring with you on an investigation?

Tools that we take to every investigation are: digital/video cameras, digital thermometer, closed circuit security cameras, digital voice recorders, dowsing rods, EMF (electromagnetic field detector), K2 meters, Mel-meter, trap camera and EVP Field Processor.

What is the best evidence you have personally witnessed that might confirm the existence of the paranormal?

The best evidence I have personally witnessed confirming the existence of the paranormal would be the results from our EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon). We have captured some incredible recordings, but we have also debunked many. Not everything you see or hear is paranormal when you’re doing an investigation. Most of it can be explained. The ones that can’t are incredible.

What is the most paranormally active location in WNY?

There are so many active locations in Western New York. We have only scratched the surface. Some highly interesting locations that we like to frequent are Iron Island and Tony Romes Globe Hotel and Restaurant. Another incredible hot spot is Valentown Museum in Victor N.Y. History, either negative or positive, is what lends to a locations level of activity. The richer the history, the more active it can be.

Are you frightened when you visit a sites?

Fear is never a sense I feel when venturing into any investigation. Whether it’s a repeat site or a new client who’s asking for our services. Excitement and anticipation would better describe my emotions going in. Our group always hopes to catch a glimpse into that unknown realm. Most find it frightening, however we are drawn to it.

Personally, what do you think happens to us when we die?

I believe that when we die, our souls become a strong energy that ascends to an indescribably awe inspiring plane. I also believe that we are able to control our energy and should we desire to revisit our past physical plane, then we can do so.

What is the most interesting or disturbing case you’ve ever encountered?

One of the most interesting cases I’ve encountered would have to be Valentown Museum. This structure consists of 4 floors of never-ending activity and is drenched in history. The area it engulfs is extreme and requires multiple investigations to explore all that it has to offer. Our dedicated and professional group was able to capture fantastic evidence of paranormal activity through EVP recordings.

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