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Say No To Fracking

Hydro-fracking has done a lot of damage in this country and we can’t let that damage happen in New York State. The extraction industry has been spending lots of money on propagandizing how benign it is but we can’t let it happen. They leave a mess wherever they do it.

On page 231 of New York’s Strategic Plan for State Forest Management, dealing with hydraulic fracturing, the phrase “significant concern” is used several times. You bet there’s significant concern. It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve talked to who are amazed that it’s even being considered here after all of the evidence that has been made available lately about its danger.

Just take a look at the list of chemicals they use in this technology. Really, what for? Do we really need to “significantly” poison our environment for more natural gas? Maybe we need instead more conservation. Maybe a dent could be made in demand for natural gas if National Fuel were to take PUSH Buffalo’s advice on how better to spend the funding the company gets for their Conservation Incentive Program. Maybe there needs to be a natural gas public utility.

Harry DeLano, Buffalo

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