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Split the Baby in Two

Firstly, let me proudly state that I cast my vote on Nov. 2 for Governor Paladino/Lt. Gov. Edwards, Senators Townsend and DioGuardi, Comptroller Wilson, and Attorney General Donovan. They will serve the Commonwealth of Upper York well.

Yes, I made no errors. I voted for these people; they are my reps come January 2011. And since the Downstate region, from Albany down, tends to vote for Democrats while Upstate tends to vote Republican, it’s time to split what we call “New York State” into two parts.

Andrew Cuomo can be governor for the millions upon millions betweeen the Albany area on down and out to Long Island; Carl Paladino will represent Upper York well as governor for the rest of us.

What do we upstaters really have in common with the downstaters, save for occupying the landmass called “New York State”? Why should upstate’s interests be subverted and torpedoed by the downstate crowd, and namely by that good-for-nothing Sheldon Silver? Why should the leftist worldviews held by so many Downstaters be forced upon us Upstaters who think differently?

Just recently, “New York State” passed no-fault divorce. Let’s use that to call for a full and final split of “New York State.” Virginia and West Virginia divorced over 150 years ago, and it has worked well for them. Let’s put an Upstate-Downstate divorce on the fast track, and get moving on it NOW!

Lloyd A. Marshall, Jr., Lockport

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