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Cut Charters, Fund Publics

It’s time to cut public funding to the charter schools. It is proven that they are no more effective than public schools at retention and graduation. (Most charter schools lack critical supplies and qualified staff) Pull the money back into the public school system. Create a governing/school board with hired (read: not elected or appointed) individuals with a track record of success and experience in the education field. Have them search out and implement curriculums that have a successful track record of maximizing the potential of the students. Make provisions in the union contract that will allow for immediate dismissal of teachers and administrators who are ineffective. Until people realize that student success is not solely dependent on a teacher or administrator’s skill, unions will be necessary. Demand the proceeds from the lottery system and federal funding.

In a declining population was it necessary to give multimillion-dollar face-lifts and expansions to the schools when inside the walls they lack the adequate amount of textbooks or functional copy machines? That capital funding could have been better used. I am not qualified to interview or assess the credentials of a school board member so I have no right voting for one…neither does the majority of the general population. The teachers are willing to give up the cosmetic surgery rider, so put it to rest; just renegotiate the contract already. As a side note, if we could get a handle on these private insurance/pharmaceutical companies and their exuberant costs, it would be reflected in the budget savings. We should be able to take care of our teachers.

Mike Santoro, Tonawanda

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