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Upon viewing an installation of Frank Lloyd Wright windows brought together for an exhibition at the Burchfield-Penney Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York.

They migrate from all directions

flying in perfect Wright formation,

these bits of camed glass,

flying parallelograms,

tiny jewels of amber

citrine topaz amethyst

soar up and spread like wings

of some ghostly, glittering

flock of geese

ocean, tree and sky

colors deepen and transform

his luminous spaces

bubbles frozen into each piece

like breath captured

held in awe forever

brushstroke feathers

waving prairie grasses,

each iridized section

its own sunset

starlight flickering

against dark blue sky

the windows,

some sold, lost, broken,

separated like children

abandoned jewels

gathered again

in mystical open flight

The walls here torn away,

light, the only border.

brenda j. cowe


Hands mill moist dirt to quench deep hurt,

From the seams and the reams;

I plant new seed to replace each bleed

Of many a midnight dream.

From wings I have shaken thoughts that have taken

A bite of fresh sprung leaf,

Hands dig deep soil not a bother, nor toil,

As the sun shines sweet relief.

I weed the roots of bulbs and shoots,

And prepare the land down under,

And await cool rain to dispel disdain,

As the sky, she cries with thunder.

I sleep slight wink of eyes which blink,

’Tis my pillow adorned with fear;

Restless eve repeats until a new day greets

A seedling to appear.

A blooming sunflower in my garden bower

I reap what I have sown,

For thy restless night and worrisome plight,

Gave birth to a golden throne.

Now the noonday sun, thy work be done,

As twilight doth begin;

And to sacred flower, growing taller each hour,

I retreat to dreams again.

susan marie

How to get your poetry in Artvoice!

In the Margins occasionally features poetry by local writers. The poetry editor is Florine Melnyk. Submissions of no more than five poems and no more than 10 pages in length can be sent by e-mail to or by mail to Florine Melnyk, Poetry Editor, Artvoice, 810 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14202 Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope to have manuscripts returned.

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