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Laura Hollick: Soul Artist

Laura Hollick of Hamilton, Ontario describes herself a “soul artist”—and the moniker seems apt enough. Her subject matter is spirituality and love—which is precisely why we decided to feature her work on the cover of this week’s Valentine’s Day issue. (Learn more about her work at and Earlier this week, she answered a few questions about her creative process:

How did you settle on yourself as your medium of expression? What other media do you use?

I call myself a soul artist. I believe my life is my soul’s art. I use myself as my own artform because I see my life as a work of art.

This came about through a series of experiences. In the beginning I was focused on painting, sculpture, and costumes. I graduated with an Honours Fine Art Degree from McMaster University focusing on those mediums. When I graduated I worked as a dancer for a number of years, but I craved a way to combine my visual art with my body expression.

During all of this I was doing endless courses and trainings in spirituality, healing, and mind awareness. I became certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and DNA Reprogramming.

My soul art is the combination of my visual art, my body, and my spiritual journey.

What inspires you generally? And specifically, what inspired this piece?

I am inspired by the journey of becoming the full expression of my spirit on earth.

The “Listen to Your Heart” piece was inspired by the way I feel when I am connecting with spirit. I feel like I enter a divine lve affair where my whole being is alive and exuding a passionate aroma calling my lover to me. My lover is the dream of my full potential, the dream of the person I want to be and the experiences I want to embody.

The “Listen to Your Heart” piece is my way of saying ‘I’m ready to be enraptured with the passion of living my spirit, I’m ready to fall in love and whole-heartedly express my purpose in this world.”

The other piece I sent you was “Laura Hollick as Unicorn with Pink Dragon.” This piece was inspired by my inner spirit world, where I feel like a unicorn and I frolic with pink dragons in nature.

Both of these photos are a collaboration with photographer Kevin Thom ( He has been my greatest creative partner and has allowed me to realize my spiritual visions in a way I was only dreaming of before.

Your consistent themes seem to be love and spiritual connection—to others, to nature, to your muses. Do you ever have those moments when your mind clouds over, when you’re overtaken by anger or sadness? How do those feeling find voice in your art? Or don’t they? And if not, why?

This is an excellent question!

I certainly feel anger, sadness, jealously, rage, distraction, procrastination, depression, fear, and every other emotion under the sun.

Often these emotions are catalysts for my art. I can feel so overwhelmed sometimes that I’ll ask spirit for guidance to help me to deal with the emotions I feel. My art becomes my journey to understand why I feel the way I do and to understand the deeper spiritual metaphor of it.

I’ve discovered that every emotion is an opportunity to deepen my awareness and expand my relationship with spirit.

I used to think that I needed to get rid of the emotions that are labeled “ugly and negative.” I don’t feel that way now. In fact I invite my whole self to play.

Love is about embracing the totality, not just the so-called acceptable parts.

I have ugliness that requires me to stretch my love in new ways.

Through my creative process I feel I travel beneath the emotions to the core of my spirit which is magical, exotic, beautiful and ready to love no matter what.

What are you working on now?

Now I’m focusing on strengthening my business as a soul artist and creator of Soul Art Studio. I see my business as the best way to fulfill my purpose, which is to grow spirit on earth.

My business has two aspects. The first part is my own art and spiritual journey. The second part of my business is about guiding people to connect with their spirit to uncover their purpose and clarify how they want their lives to be. I help them realize their soul’s purpose on earth. I often use art as a tool for people to discover their soul’s purpose and move through the layers of their being to find their own power and clarity.

There can be a danger to talking about spiritual things, because it can seem that I’m sitting on a pedestal knowing the answers to things, and the truth is I’m on a journey like everyone else with fears doubts and challenges. Every day I’m faced with a series of choices and I have to listen to my intuition to make decisions that are in alignment with my spirit.

I have devoted my life to this path because it brings me joy and fulfillment. I make my choices and decisions based on what brings me the most joy.

My desire while I’m on earth is to become the living embodiment of my spirit, so much so that people will look at me or at the art I’ve created and be able to feel their own spiritual essence come forward because my energy will bring it out in them.

I express love by living my spirit. My desire is to have my love received and recognized by others.

Laura Hollick introduces the Creativity Cleanse

For more video, check out Laura's YouTube channel.

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