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Ask Anyone

girl trouble

My situation is too late. I can’t get over a love relationship 15 months ago and still have the past in me. My current situation is absolutely horrible. I am single, 43, never married and decent, good looking and a good catch. The ladies these days like to play games and not mean what they say when they want a good man in their life.

It is so hard to connect with a good lady that wants a normal and everlasting love life.

I would like to know what advice would you recommend meeting some quality ladies for dating and getting serious. I have all the qualities a lady is looking for but it’s the lady when it comes to being a failure.

—A Good Woman is Hard to Find

The Straight Skinny: Dear, dear. Does it have to be a lady? Maybe, if women are so unable to appreciate you, you should set your sights elsewhere. Alternately, maybe you should cheer up, because if you were in a relationship fifteen months ago, it sounds like you’re able to get a girlfriend (something not everyone can do, for sure), and one will come along. In the meantime, you can work on clearing out your heart and mind, leaving yourself open for the next lady who comes along. I’m sure she’s out there.

The Practical Cogitator says: I just keep thinking “better late than never”. If this woman is still on your mind after 15 months, why don’t you call her? Tell her how you feel. There must be something there if you still can’t get her out of your head. Try, try again. and if this attempt falls short then:

Try meeting someone new. You may have to start looking in new places, though. How about a new health club? Or a new form of exercise altogether...Pilates, yoga or X-country skiing. Perhaps you can sign up for a team sport, or an art class, or a book club, or a night class at a local college or university. All these suggestions will help you better yourself and immediately put you in a pool of people with a similar interests. Voila, instant conversation starters.

You say you’re a great catch, maybe you’ve just been fishing with the wrong bait. Like I said, it’s never too late to switch.

The Russian Bride says: You have little joy in life? Is lacking love and affection? Am seeking for kindly intelligent man age race unimportant. Am young and fitly hot-looking also. Come to me sending picture for I need of prince.

God’s Gift to Women says: You and me both, pal, you and me both. What is it with these chicks these days? Used to be you could go out, have a few drinks, some laughs, a few more drinks, maybe something know, have a few laughs. Then it was back to her place or wherever—and you know something? Neither of you even wanted to see each other again. No phone calls. No texting. That’s just the way it was. At least when I was younger. Now, these women with their iPhones and what have you...and the...what is that...the twitter? What is that all about? And don’t give me the “Oh, they just want to talk to their girlfriends” bit. Baloney. Show me two women who say they really get along, and I’ll show you a pink elephant. The species doesn’t exist. My buddies who got married? There’s a happy bunch. They got the house and the kids and on and on, but you know what they lost? Their freaking minds, my friend, their freaking minds. No. You should quit while you’re ahead, like I did. So you’ve wasted 15 months getting all soft about someone who wasn’t worth your time in the first place. Repeat after me: Never again! Once you break free of that relationship crap, you can let the dishes pile up in the sink. Wear dirty clothes if you want. You want to go bowling? Go bowling. Somebody has an extra ticket to the game? Go. There’s nobody for you to ask, to see if it’s ok. It’s nobody’s business but your own. Remember, freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose. Don’t give that up for anything. Live free, my man. Live free.

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