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May 26, 2016 Artvoice 0

I cried while reading this story, and I have no clue why. Seriously, I can’t fully wrap my head around this story, and yet something about this made me actually cry. Divinity relies on subtle plays on your emotions in order to hit you when you least expect it, even if you don’t understand what’s going on.


April 7, 2016 Artvoice 0

The first thing that appealed to me about Luminae was its vibrant cover art of a woman with seemingly armored wings holding a magically glowing bow that was aimed straight at me. Upon seeing the name of the author/illustrator, one of first things I thought was, “Who the hell is Bengal?”

Archie, Vol. 1

March 31, 2016 Artvoice 0

What do you think of when you add an unwitting, red-headed engine of destruction, a love triangle and Pop Tate’s? If you know your comics, then you know I’m talking about Archie Andrews, the lovable (yet hormonal) teen at Riverdale High.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

March 10, 2016 Artvoice 0

I usually make it a rule to stay as far away from comic-based novels as possible; they’re one of the few types of books I never touch. To me, they’ve never given comic books justice, as they tend to butcher the characters.

Invincible, Vol. 1: Family Matters

March 7, 2016 Artvoice 0

Chances are, you’ve experienced Robert Kirkman’s work (The Walking Dead, Ultimate X-Men, Marvel Zombies). But when Kirkman wasn’t making one of the most badass zombie apocalypses so far, he was writing about a quirky superhero teenager.