Jets are frauds if Rex hype distracts from beating Bills

All of it is noise, and all of it must be ignored, and none of it will mean a thing if the Jets are for real.

Over these three intense hours Thursday night at MetLife Stadium, Rex Ryan won be lining up in a three point stance looking to tug on Ryan Fitzpatrick beard. He won be blocking for Tyrod Taylor, or running a slant on Revis Island. He won be confused by anyone with Vince Lombardi on the sideline.

Shame on the Jets if they fall into the trap of being distracted by the relentless Rexmania buildup. Rex making IK Enemkpali coin toss captain wasn solely another example of a moth drawn to the media light. Cheap Jerseys from china It was undoubtedly also a calculated master stroke designed in part to take the pressure off his team for a game with Tyrannosaurus Rex wild card playoff implications for both the Jets and Bills.

The message to the Jets is this:

It what teams with tunnel vision focus, mental toughness, discipline and professionalism do.

It the kind of team Todd Bowles has been trying to build since the day he walked through Woody Johnson door to sit in Ryan old seat.

This is the kind of game that playoff contenders win and pretenders lose.

You don allow a Rex Ryan to march into your building and beat you.

The AFC playoff picture we can safely award the AFC East to the Patriots shows the 5 3 Jets with the inside wild card track on the 5 4 Steelers, 4 4 Raiders and 4 4 Bills. But the Jets have lost to the Raiders and cannot afford a loss to the Bills now.

Under Ryan, the Bills have been prone to emotional highs and lows that have resulted in a disturbing amount of untimely penalties.

The unflappable, even keeled Bowles will demand poise in the noise. It helps that he has the more mature team. Bowles has the more experienced quarterback with Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has the more experienced wide receivers. He has Darrelle Revis to shadow Sammy Watkins. He has the more experienced offensive line, where despite Willie Colon absence, the best news for him and the Jets is Nick Mangold will play.

Mangold is at the center of the effectiveness of Chris Ivory running game. Mangold return from the neck injury that sidelined him in Oakland and impaired him against the Jaguars, combined with the absence of Bills interior menace Kyle Williams (knee), is an under the radar plus for the Jets. It is no coincidence Ivory yards per carry has suffered lately. Mangold and Fitzpatrick have developed the kind of chemistry you want and need between your center and quarterback. Mangold and Iron Man left tackleD Ferguson are underappreciated as the kind of indispensable, dependable rocks on the Jets offensive line since 2006 that Eli Manning has been behind center for the Giants since 2004.

The atmosphere will be crazed at MetLife Stadium Ryan return plus the Thursday Night primetime television audience. There will be an unmistakable buzz even before Ryan emerges from the tunnel. It will have the feel of a heavyweight championship fight when Enemkpali marches to midfield for the coin toss. Ryan, as always, relishes his lightning rod status.

Todd BowlesPhoto: AP

think he get cheered he didn quit on us, they fired him, Jets linebacker Trevor Reilly said. brought a lot of joy to the city, and they went to two back to back conference championship games, and he was always good with the media and good with the fans, so I think they cheer him. Richardson predicted: feelings, probably. Most fans loved him. He was always loved by his team, most definitely. It just didn pan out. We just didn make plays. Coples said: coach wants to win, and if you don win, you get fired. So I don think he gonna get any hard feelings or they gonna throw bottles at him or nothing like that. Everybody understands it a business. I can say what they gonna do. impact on most Jets rex cluding Calvin Pryor and several others was profound. They smile fondly at the recollection of their favorite Rex memory.

being the spoiler, beating Miami [2013 finale] in Miami, Richardson said. then just him being him in the locker room and stuff like that, and in the meeting rooms and stuff, just some stuff you can say on a microphone. remembered: probably the first day he got hired [in 2009] when he walked in the building. He was on a mission as a head coach to win, and win right now, and win big, and that what he said in his press conference. a weaker team would succumb to Rexmania. Bowles doesn want to hear any Rexcuses.

done a phenomenal job just making it about football, he done that all year, Geno Smith said. only about football, it only about this team, it only about us getting better. This game, obviously, is gonna be a big game, it a Thursday nighter, a rivalry, got new jerseys. https://www.cheapjerseysz9ws.top I mean, everything that you can possibly imagine is gonna make it a big game. But we practicing with the right mentality, and we gotta make sure that we ready to play. goal is to win the game, not to get in a fight, or give hugs or anything like that, Reilly said. sure Rex feels the same way. His goal is to win a football game, whether it win by 20 or win by one point, all that matters is you want to win the game. asked if he would say hi before the game to Ryan, said: is not buddy buddy. We trying to win a game,he trying to win a game. He a head coach, it his job to get his team ready to win. On our side, we have to handle our business to make sure we ready to win also. this game.