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In recent weeks, Barneys has been accused in two cases of alleged racial discrimination that sparked widespread outrage. Trayon Christian, a 19 year old college student, sued Barneys in Manhattan Supreme Court last month, after he was falsely accused of shoplifting a $359 Ferragamo belt he bought at the Madison Avenue store. After Christian’s story spread, 21 year old nursing student Kayla Phillips alleged that she experienced racial profiling after she bought a $2 ,500 Cline bag at the same store..

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“Boy, if there’s anything, any condemnation of our culture Replica Celine Bags, that’s it right there,” Friedman continued. “That we cannot hold an idea in our head unless it’s trending. All that does is increase the mainstream. And McGowan, C. M. (2006). Why should these people be in the limelight again, it is people like them who are scamming the system. I expect they will then think they are the best above everyone else. People out there hard working Replica Celine Bags, never this kind of thing happening to them people who really deserve a break but not this family.

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