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A Hot Shower After Sex Can Prevent Pregnancy

For most people, sexual education covers only the basics: what happens to our bodies in puberty, how babies are made, and that having sex particularly unprotected sex put you at risk for getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). While sex ed aims to give useful information, there are plenty of signs the facts aren’t getting through. “We take it for granted that people have the knowledge that they need,” says Elissa Barr, associate professor of public health at the University of North Florida. “But the majority of them don’t and that’s been proven” by statistics about America’s remarkably high pregnancy and STD rates. Here are some of the biggest myths and often overlooked facts about sex, STDs, and getting pregnant.

A Hot Shower After Sex Can Prevent Pregnancy

There are a lot of innovative ways people think of to avoid pregnancy. Showering and peeing after sex are not effective contraceptive methods. Hundreds of millions of sperm are released in ejaculate and baby making requires only one. It’s simply not possible to get all the sperm out of there through washing. As for peeing, urine doesn’t come out of the vagina (it’s a different hole) but peeing after sex can help some women avoid painful urinary tract infections. cheapnfljerseysonlinew Pulling out is also ineffective because pre ejaculate may pick up enough sperm from previous ejaculation to cause pregnancy. Jumping jacks, sex standing up, and sex while she’s on her period are no go’s too.

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