Adidas could share shelf space

SOUTH BEND The transition to Under Armour from Adidas is scheduled to occur on July 1, but a University of Notre Dame spokesman suspects fans will see some brand overlap.

In other words, shoppers will probably find some remaining Adidas T shirts and jerseys in stores at the same time retailers are promoting Under Armour products front and center.

“We will begin merchandising our Under Armour products on July 1, but our Adidas inventory will be available until it runs out,” said Dennis Brown, Notre Dame spokesman.

No definite timeline has been announced for the end of Adidas brand Notre Dame product sales, he said.

“We have purchase orders that were placed several months ago that will be arriving in the store during the spring,” Brown said.

Notre Dame sells Adidas brand merchandise, including various apparel and accessories, including book bags, backpacks, wholesale nfl jerseys http://www.big49erssanfrancisco.com sweatbands and sandal slides, at several locations and by catalog.

“Additionally, we have a sports T shirt program that we will need to ensure is replenished with the spring events. as well as summer camps,” Brown said. Penney spokeswoman Sarah Holland declined to comment on the sales of Adidas brand Notre Dame merchandise at its stores, including University Park Mall in Mishawaka.

“We do not disclose our merchandising strategies,” Holland said in an email.

A Meijer spokesman said its Notre Dame products will not be affected by Notre Dame’s switch to Under Armour since they are not made by Adidas.

Brown said shoppers could find discounts on Adidas brand apparel later this year as the Notre Dame bookstore and other affiliated shops work to clear the outgoing brand.

“We will closely monitor our inventory levels through the spring and offer promotions to sell off the existing merchandise. We would make folks aware of any discounting, if that is the case,” Brown said.

“We’ve had an excellent partnership with Adidas for the past 15 years and the interest in sales of their products has grown over time. We think there will be a similar growth and demand for Under Armour products.”