The Story of Anthony

I was a parts delivery driver for 3 years. 2480 Autos was one of my frequent stops. I’d stop in and check out their projects and talk to them about cars, as if I knew what I was talking about being a “driveway mechanic.” They weren’t the crotchety old codgers I had to deal with daily at other mechanic shops. They really liked what they do. They approached me to sell some used auto parts on the old inter-webs which turned into me being the new guy that had to clean up dead cats on the sidewalk (I’ll tell that story another time). Next was “Could you help out with this job today, we’re swamped.” That evolved into working under the tutelage of Dan–a not so patient man who learned patience. We taught each other. I thought I knew everything, being a millennial. After my first job I knew it would be quite some time before I’d be able to keep up with the big boys. I strive to do my best because I want to be amazing at my job and show what I really can do; not just simple brake jobs and changing old batteries; but doing custom work that drops jaws and turns heads. Here I am today, getting harassed by the best “bosses” if you can even call them that and fixing cars with the big boys. Customizing crazy cars and loving every minute of it.anthony