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The Tanster: ‘Ben Szemkus missing and feared dead’ – Clinton suspected

A website called Neon Nettle writes that Ben Szemkus has gone missing.

ben szemkus spent months exposing hillary clinton s ties to a child sex trafficking ring
Ben [left] is reportedly missing. Is he depressed about telling a whopper or did Clinton or her friends do away with him for exposing the truth?
Whistleblower Who Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Child Trafficking Ties, Feared Dead Ben Szemkus reported missing, family and friends now fear he’s been killed

“Ben Szemkus lifted the lid of the Clintons’ connection to the child sex cult NXIVM, while also exposing Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman, Stormy Daniels and Anthony Weiner as members of the infamous sex slavery network,” Neon writes.

Neon reports new information not known by the Frank Report or anyone else to date that “The cult has now been exposed for illegal human experiments including cannibalism, gang rape, and child sex trafficking.”

The cannibalism is a new one for me.

According to Szemkus’s close friend, the American artist “The Tanster:

“Ben hasn’t been seen or heard of for days, with those close to him fearing he may have been “silenced” for his brave exposés.”

The Tanster wrote: “Ben doesn’t usually call me just to chat but he did Monday morning. We had a really interesting conversation and I told him about unusual supernatural experiences I’m having. Nothing seemed to phase him. I can’t talk about these things with most people or else I end up freaking them out. I didn’t realize how often I was sending him information I was finding until he stopped responding. I have examined Ben’s social media in search of his activity and it seems to have stopped around Monday. So I stopped sending him info. about comments, I was getting about him. I stopped sending him info. about the people who were revealing their dishonest natures through their reaction or lack of a reaction to Ben’s story. Some obvious publicist types posted Ben’s address on an alleged disinformation blog that claims to exist to expose NXIVM. Ben Szemkus is now missing and feared dead These shady individuals have lied about Ben to the extent that they are either begging for a defamation lawsuit or more than likely they are attempting to provoke A VIOLENT REACTION. Ben has been too gracious and too much of a gentleman to respond to their low down lies and aggression in kind. Ben accepted this latest outrage of them publishing his home address philosophically but I do feel a visceral disgust for the types that say they’re exposing and “taking down” NXIVM while they harass and lie about a COURAGEOUS WITNESS. I am confident justice will come in due course to those who have descended into such repulsive depths of degeneracy. Please let me know if you have any information about the whereabouts of Ben Szemkus of Seattle, Washington.”


As readers of Frank Report know, Ben Szemkus said he saw Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman. Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner and James Alefantis at a NXIVM “women’s empowerment” recruitment mixer at a Yale college student’s apartment in 2007. At that party, Ben says, Stormy disappeared in a bedroom with Keith Raniere and snuff films were shown to the attendees.

People familiar with the inner workings of NXIVM have told Frank Report they do not believe Ben’s story is true.

Frank Report has taken no official position on the story  but one of our correspondents, Larry Shea, detailed his position on why he believes the story is fake.

A commenter on The Tanster condemned Frank Report for the danger Ben is facing/or has faced.

“This is really shocking. I’m praying for Ben. I cannot believe that total piece of crap “unnamed website” would post Ben’s home address like that. Ben is literally risking his life by going on the record to expose the Pizzagate, Hillary Clinton connection to the child sex trafficking abusive slave cult NXIVM and that totally piece of crap website is endangering his life for it. Their excuse is that they believe in free speech? Well the line on free speech is endagering [sic] lives. Promoting a riot puts people in danger and is illegal everywhere, as it should be. Posting Ben’s home address does not add to any discourse. It’s not news. It is merely harassment. Given that Ben is going after Killary, that total piece of crap website intentionally put Ben’s life in danger. I hope everyone shuns that place…. It’s the Frank Report, by the way.”


I don’t recall posting Ben’s address but I would not be surprised if one of our commenters did.

Of course, we all hope and pray for Ben’s safety and that nothing has happened to him – including possible severe depression for getting caught lying – if he is lying – which is a possibility and possibly equally plausible as Hillary Clinton having done away with him for telling a story that has not been corroborated that occurred 11 years ago.

I could be wrong, but something tells me that Ben will show up in a day or so.

I wonder if anybody who knows him and fears he is dead has bothered to check with the gas station where he works the night shift to see if he has shown up at work?




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  • Look what the Clinton’s have done to us, through three countries (US/CAN/NZ) for over 20 years!

    Please pray for and help reunite Harmon and Carolyn Dare Wilfred (of Dare Foods, Canada)…forcibly separated by Clinton political retribution for almost 3 years now! (married for 20 years) And reunite Harmon with his estranged children who were taken from him and placed back into child abuse as the Clinton’s revenge…Harmon has no father’s rights what-so-ever! Gregory Greg, Bill Clinton’s attorney, said to us in a private meeting in Toronto 20 years ago, that “if you take your evidence on the Clinton’s to the US Justice Department (Horowitz), you will never see your children again”…they made good on that promise! Now their political retribution has separated him from his wife.

    Harmon Wilfred is a Clinton/CIA financial contractor/shadow government whistle-blower & Vietnam veteran (stateless & exiled in NZ; Carolyn in Canada) Follow the embezzled money taken from third world countries and US citizens, all the way to the Clinton Foundation. We need a miracle breakthrough!

    Below are “Harmon Wilfred, America’s First Refugee” closing arguments to his 16 YouTube documentary case interviews (by CrowdSource the Truth, NY) posted on http://www.luminadiem.com (includes interviews with written outlines and evidential links)

    As Edmund Burke said, much more than 100 years ago: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”

    Coincidence or Preponderance of Evidence – Closing Arguments

    – These are my Closing Arguments to the Court of Public Opinion – You be the Judge!

    – Wilfred v Canada PM Justin Trudeau, Clintons’ CRA “Financial Assassin”

    – Wilfred v New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, Clintons’ “Jailer”

    – Wilfred v US President Donald J Trump, Clintons’ “Enabler?”

    Please join “Friends of Harmon & Carolyn” for progress updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225876718220946

    Twitter: @harmontweets #AmericasFirstRefugee #GetemAllFired #GlobalShadowGovernment #ExclusiveWorldCitizen

    Harmon can be contacted at: harmon@harmonwilfred.com
    Carolyn at cdw.wilfredinvest@gmail.com

  • Ben Szemkus passed a polygraph, watch the video Ben made recalling the mixer, he’s not making this up. But there are many with money and power who want this covered up. Hope Ben is OK.

  • He’s in hiding.
    I don’t know where so don’t ask me.
    And no, I won’t give him back.

    He’s mine now .

    We are currently making our wedding plans, and are considering talking our vows in an alien spacecraft with the Greys officiating.

    Wish us luck !

    • Wishing you all the best, you crazy lovebirds!!!

      Uh… you can keep him by the way. (Please keep him.)

      p.s. comment here if you need an escape, we’ll be there in a heartbeat to carefully extricate you. Love you XOXO

  • Thank God he is missing he is such a bore and a liar. He will probably surface again for attention.

  • Exactly two years before Ben Szemkus created his twitter account, to promote his important story, Melvin Torran was “killed” in his garage by FBI agents.

    It is no accident that Neonnettle included that very garage in his erudite reporting.

    The truth can finally be told.

    Ben Szemkus is a 50 year old African American who has been living in hiding as an unemployed white man for the last two years. On Monday the FBI once again caught up with him. Knowing that they were planning on draining his cerebral spinal fluid and eating his adrenal gland, he ran, taking his makeup kit with him. Reports of a suspicious-looking Japanese schoolgirl with beard and crazy eyes muttering “pizzagate pizzagare” in Times Square have not been confirmed.

    #pizzagate #pedogate #MAGA #theGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #QAnon #theStorm #HivitesGetLit

    • Wait, that photo the erudite Neonnettle used and labelled as Ben Szemkus was Ben’s ACTUAL Garage??

      I will make a Pilgrimage to my Savior’s Garage to Honor Him. Whether He’s 50 and black and male or 40 and white and male or 20 and Asian and female, I will follow him, He is My Savior.

      And I will not allow anyone to drain his cerebral spinal fluid or eat his adrenal gland.

      #GodIsGood #SayBraveThings #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #TertiaryStructuralDissociation #RitualAbuse #LOGIC #RitualAbuse #MindControl #MKUltra #CSA #Pedowood #Hivites

  • Oh well, he got his 15 minetes of fame that he wanted. Him being so brave coming foward? Uh huhh, right????

    Bulshit on that part. Ben didn’t do this to help other people he wanted attenion because Stormy Daniels and Allison Mack didn’t noticed his perverted ass.

    So if he’s dead, then he’s dead. If he’s alive, then this was a waste of time.

    Let’s not pretend that Ben was doing this out of the good of helping others, the fact is that he wasn’t.

    Maybe Allison Mack turned into Brainiac Chloe and killed him herself.

    Either way i don’t give a shit Benny boy maybe next time he insults transexual’s an got his stories stright before blabing on about nothing.

  • Could have also been the Greys, working in tandem with the Cigarette smoking man.

    That CSM dude is kinda sketchy and was very connected in the Obama White House

  • Cannibalism? Maybe Ben Szemkus was bored, hungry, and then ate himself!

    Just like in the movie Highlander, where Connor MacLeod notes that a decapitation victim grew bored of the wrestling, went downstairs, and then cut his own head off.

    Would we be so fortunate.

  • Neon Nettle is basically the antithesis of a reliable source. And of course it’s exactly the type of digital hoax rag that you’d expect Ben’s farce to run in.

    • Exactly, ZZZ And this on FrankReport’s site – a truthteller. OH THE IRONY~

  • I am guessing he thinks a temporary disappearance will somehow lend credibility to his incredible story.

    I think most of us are all about the story blowing up and whatever possible connections to bigger, deeper issues being exposed.

    I just think this particular angle is nonsense.

    The latino social media superstar has a lot more plausible angle.

    I can very easily buy into NXIVM being used as a small piece of a much bigger Salinas money laundering operation right under Keith and Clare’s noses. Neither one of their intellects comes anywhere near their levels of arrogance. It’s well known that you don’t have to be cunning or intelligent to be manipulative and vindictive.

  • In the words of Col. Sherman T. Potter, “that is not even good enough for a 4H club skit”…

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