Star people offer an evening of Miles Davis


The Buffalo jazz ensemble, Star People will perform the music of trumpeter Miles Davis at PAUSA Art House on Wadsworth Street this Friday from 8-10 pm.

The concert features selections that encompass Davis’ entire career from bop to psychedelic jazz, to Miles’ 80s’ period.

Not to be confused with a tribute band, Star People, whose members are stars themselves within the Buffalo jazz scene, feature trumpeter, Tim Clarke, saxophonist, Bobby Militello, pianist George Caldwell, and drummer John Bacon.Together, they offer nuanced and often startling performances of now legendary Davis compositions.

Star People are often joined, as they will be Friday, by special guests on tenor sax and bass.

In keeping a unique focus on the musical history of the man, Star People will perform some striking versions of songs of the famous sidemen that Miles discovered, such as Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane.As trumpeter Clarke points out “We don’t try to imitate his music, we’re not a cover band, but we use (Davis’) music as a point of departure.”

Clarke called the group’s style of jazz “eclectic, which is a lot like the music of Miles Davis, who went through very different periods of music where he started at the very beginning of bebop and went all the way through the very experimental jazz rock.”

Star People was formed in February of 2014 and initial performances consisted of performing Miles Davis songs in the exact sequence of his albums.

Later, Star People developed a style of their own, sometimes culling selections that seemed almost deliberately random, surprising their audiences with the deftness of their performance through decades of Miles, and then offering classic Miles’ sequences of songs that his fans heard on vinyl or in concert.

Clarke said Star People don’t play note for note imitations, but try to evoke the spirit of how Davis influenced the whole direction of jazz not once, but several times during his career, with the number of bands and influential albums he created.

The Star People have brought forth an interesting hybrid: admiration, even a devoted presentation of the songs of a legend of music, while preserving every inch of their own musical individuality.

Featuring the radiant sound of the jazz trumpet, Clarke and his Star People’s performance of the songs of Miles Davis should be a unique and memorable concert.

WHERE: PAUSA Art House, 19 Wadsworth, Buffalo.14201. Food and beverages served.

WHEN: Friday, August 19, 8-10 p.m., $10 cover.

Saxophonist, Bobby Militello; drummer, John Bacon, pianist, George Caldwell, and trumpeter, Tim Clarke will play the music that Miles Davis and his famous sidemen played as they shaped the history of jazz.

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