chastity brown copyRighteous Babe Records and singer/songwriter/activist Ani DiFranco is announce the inaugural festival “Babefest,” a festival of social activism, comedy and music. Ani Di Franco is currently on the road with her her VOTE DAMMIT tour encouraging people to exercise their right to vote, not only for president, but for all local and congressional elections. Ani will be joined by Lizz Winnstead (The Daily Show creator and Lady Parts founder) and singer-songwriter/advocate Chastity Brown. Di Franco says “Let us invent more forums in which to inspire and organize ourselves. Let us enter, nay, invade politicsfrom all sides and all ways, for instance: VOTE DAMMIT. Let’s start there.” LIzz Winstead is the former head writer for the Daily Show and says “You can’t have a sustaining revolution without music and laughter and since we are fighting harder than ever, we are going to need a lot of both. I am so excited to do some laughing and singing with Ani.” Chastity Brown is a singer/songwriter/social activist and is an advocate for Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ. Babefest is an opportunity to build power within communities of color. The non-partisan organization HeadCount will attend to stress the importance for music fans to vote and be heard, regardless of one’s political alignment. A portion of the proceeds will go The Roots of Music, an organization empowering the youth of New Orleans through music education, and to Lady Parts Justice.


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