The Fall of Troy at The Waiting Room


The Waiting Room, Tuesday, August 9th at 7:30 pm

Tickets range, $20 to $25

American post-hardcore trio Fall of Troy come to us from the state of Washington. Consisting of Thomas Erak ( guitars, vocals, keyboards), Andrew

Forsman (drums, percussion) and Tim Ward (bass, screamed vocals), the trio is known for their technical, intricate style, unorthodox song structures and energetic stage presence. Erak’s alternating guitar riffs and rhythmic chord work, paired with unconventional time signatures set the band apart from other post-hardcore bands. Performances are interesting, particularly because they alternate so frequently between clean vocals and harsh screams, which are split between Erak and Ward, respectively. They have self-released four albums in 2016; OK, OK#2,OK#3.1 and OK#3.2.