SYT: Asleep At The Wheel; WED 8/17; 7:pm; Sportsmens Tavern


Sportsmens Tavern $45 adv/$50 at door

Nine-time Grammy Award winner and voted Best Country and Western Band by Rolling Stone Magazine, Asleep at the Wheel is still performing Western Swing music with the best of them for the last 44 years. “While many Americans were using their choice of music to protest the Vietnam War, We wanted to break that mold” said longtime frontman Ray Benson. “We were more concerned more with this amazing roots music, which we felt was being lost amid the politics. We were too country for the rock folks and we were too long-haired for the country folks. But everybody got over it once the music started playing.” While most of today’s Country and Western has abandoned Western music, Asleep at the Wheel still packs em’ in with pure Western joy. They are the modern equiavalent of the classic Western swing of Bob Wills and Texas Playboys. Yee-hah! together.

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