SYT: JEFF DUNHAM; Tue; 8/16; 7:30 pm Hamburg Fairgrounds



JEFF DUNHAM; Tue; 8/16;  7:30 pm
Hamburg Fairgrounds
Gen adm $40/ Reserved $50

Jeff Dunham is arguably the greatest ventriloquist of all time (with apologies to Edgar Bergen.) His “dummy”, the irreverent, crotchety old Walter is hilarious and their routines are among the best in stand-up comedy. Some Walter quotes include: “So let me get this straight Women wear fake hair, nails, lashes, contacts, buy fake tits, lips, ass and get Botox but want a real man?” or “The only difference between the Government and the Mafia is that the Mafia actually turns a profit” or “Going to Mc Donalds for a salad, is like going to Whorehouse for a hug.” Other “dummies” include “Peanut”, “Jose’ Jalapeno on a stick”, “Bubba J”, “Sweet Daddy Dee”, “Melvin the Superhero Guy”, and the controversial “Achmed the Dead Terroist.” Dunham’s tour schedule seems grueling with shows every single day in theatres, fairgrounds and arenas. The tour is aptly named “Perfectly Unbalanced” and if you’re lucky you see Dunham do his “Politically Unbalanced” routine. No matter which side of the aisle you’re on it’s always healthy to laugh about it and Dumham will make sure you do.


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