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Buffalo Niagara Convention Center – September 17 and 18

Seriously? There’s another Comicon? Who’s organizing it?

Has to be, should be, and it is, Emil Novak Sr., owner of Queen City Bookstore in Buffalo and the most logical person in this city to do something like this.

For the Buffalo area, Queen City is the Grand Central Station of comics, graphic novels and all the peripherals and accessories associated with fantasy and comics–and Novak has comic book ink running through his veins (seriously, Dracula took a bite of him once and spit out a mouth full of black India Ink.)

The Buffalo Comicon is celebrating its 17th year of entertaining comicon fans across Buffalo and WNY.  The ongoing mission of Novak is to bring an affordable and exciting weekend to comic fans of all ages.

What people love about the Queen City Comicon is that it’s never been about trying to make money and yet they produce a great event. The folks who produce this event are like apostles spreading the word about the joy you’ll find in fantasy. Emil Novak says: “I have always been especially concerned for those who can’t attend expensive high priced Cons.  The most important responsibility for me is to help create the next generation of comicon fans.”

The guest list includes famous comic creators such as the iconic Mike Zeck, Steve Rude, Mike Grell (one of the creators of ARROW whose image is on this page), and local favorite, Graham Nolan. There will also be a slew of guests from horror movies such as Return of the Living Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street. Jim Krut, who starred as one of the zombies in Dawn of the Dead, will also be attending. And just added is, Steve Guttenberg.

This event strives to bring in fans that normally can’t attend a “true comicon” and of its programming.  This year the Buffalo Comicon is working with “Carly’s Club” which is part of the Roswell Cancer Hospital.  Novak continues: “To help raise funds and create smiles it is important to me and the rest of us who run this great event.  And sick kids at the hospital, who can’t easily come to this event will be allowed to attend for free!”  For additional Carly’s Club support we are sponsoring an awesome Basket Raffle at this show.

This years “Kid’s Cosplay,” which runs on Sunday, September 18 is another example of the efforts this show provides for the younger fans out there.  The contest is free and the winners take home cool prizes to their liking.  And giving away 10,000 FREE COMIC BOOKS is another highlight of this comicon, so you won’t go home empty handed. And there’s even a Magic tournament.  Novak continues: “We have designed this comicon to be an all day event, which we know you’ll enjoy.  Take a look at the great line-up we have at the Official Buffalo Comicon on our website: www.buffalwwwwwwwwwocomicon.com

Tickets are available at the website, in store at Queen City Bookstore, or on their Queen City Bookstore app. They’re also available at 1811 Comics in Williamsville and Collector’s Inn in Kenmore.