By Shawn Aldridge (Author) and Scott Godlewski (Illustrator)

DC Comics/Vertigo (Publisher)

Review by Gabriel Allandro.

How far would you go to protect your family from the evils of your own past? War changes those in it, no doubt: the killers, the innocent, victims, the mad. Iraq War veteran Iris Gentry

has returned to his family in rural Kentucky. But Gentry has discovered the true horror of war. It doesn’t change you. Instead, it “just shines a brighter light on who you already were. … All your faults, all your shortcomings. They can’t be tucked away any more. Hidden in isolation. In the light of war, they ain’t got nowhere to hide.” As the blood of slain innocents calls for vengeance, around the country, the men of Gentry’s unit die, one by one, until only Gentry and his abusive commander remain.  Death chooses Gentry, the man who stood by as innocents were killed in Iraq, to suffer the most. It has killed his fellow Marines. It has killed his friends. Now, it wants his pregnant wife and their son. And Gentry must face it alone. Godlewski’s dull, gritty colors add weight to this supernatural horror story. As Halloween approaches, The Dark & Bloody is a good tale to curl up with … if you want nightmares.

Omega Men vol 1

The Omega Men: The End is Here

Witten by: Tom King

Art by: Barnaby Bagenda, Ig Guara

Published by: DC Comics

Review by: Michael Hoffert Jr

It has been said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and it’s only a matter of perspective.  This is the core idea of “The Omega Men: The End is Here”, as the tale of a group of intergalactic freedom fighters in the Vega system battle against the Citadel, an economic force that has brought both prosperity and despair to the galaxy as a whole.  More of a rumination on the nature of war, terrorism, and religion, King never forgets to display the big action-adventure roots at the core of the story ably joined by Bagenda and Guara, who bring an extra level of depth and emotion to the story.  Together, the writing and the art work beautifully in concert to create a lyrical and dramatic tone to the book, being just as much about story telling as it is design.  As with all great science fiction, this book is sure to excite and enthrall as much as it will make the reader think, and definitely should not be missed by these rising talents in the comic book industry.

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