Twilight Room Captures Vintage  Mood of 1920’s Speakeasies

Lorenzo Brothers Masterfully Designed Nightclub Offers Upscale Dining

Live Jazz and Blues and Unique Craft Beverage Offerings



A new upscale restaurant with a hand crafted cocktail bar is now officially open in the historic Allentown District of Buffalo – The Twilight Room – at 26 Virginia Place.It would be more accurate to call it a soft opening, its owners say. But already, The Twilight Room is delivering on a promise of serving fine food and beverages in a club with a decidedly fun and rather unique theme — a 1920’s-style speakeasy.

The Twilight Room has captured the mood – to enter you push a large red book, opening a moveable bookcase door to the speakeasy within – where you discover large, comfortable and elegant rooms replete with Art Deco, and the band playing hot jazz or sultry blues.
For a moment, perhaps, you forget time and join the past – back to an era, with all the glamour and excitement of young America, of halcyon if not a little giddy, days when Americans, by the millions, defied Prohibition.
Dressed in their finest – ladies in heels and makeup, with skirts above ankles and guys slick in rabbit fur fedoras and silk pocket handkerchiefs – went out to break the law and enjoy the time of their lives.
In capturing the mood, the Twilight Room is a fun place first and foremost.  Theirs is a uniquely well- stocked bar. Side by side with popular bar drinks of today are vintage (and when they were first served, illegal) drinks – like the hand-crafted Side Car – Cognac, Cointreau and lemon juice, in a 3-2-1 ratio, shaken and served ‘up,’  a staple in speakeasies since 1922.
And, as an example of what might be called vintage food, there is “The Sinatra,” a 24 oz. bone-in Rib-eye, prepared using the “Original Rub” recipe created exclusively for Frank Sinatra himself, finished with a pistachio compound butter and grilled “your way’.
Twilight Steak
The Twilight Room is the brainchild of Steven and Jason Lorenzo, brothers with a combined 48 years in the hospitality business. And with the same kind of American gumption that defied Prohibition, The Twilight Room is in its own way an American success story.
Steve and Jason Lorenzo conceived, planned, financed, executed, modified, refined and delivered on their dream – from start to finish – with no outside help, without financing from banks or community development programs. No government subsidies, no handouts, just two hard working American guys who decided – after years of working in the business – for others –  that they could do it themselves – and do it better.
They literally slept on benches inside the place for a whole year working late and rising early as thappsey tackled the ten thousand details of design and creation and placement and purchase and sampling and testing to create a dining experience that would satisfy the most discriminating clientele and yet be comfortable and welcoming to even those on a budget who need a touch of class and entertainment as much as the most well heeled and coiffed.
The Lorenzo brothers designed a rather subtle masterpiece of color and proportion and atmosphere and light and shadow.
You come for the food and drinks and imbibe the theme that begins quite honestly with  almost irresistibly a smile from the moment you pull back the bookcase and walk into The Twilight Room.
Somehow, it feels like home.
Apropos of that, the Lorenzo brothers decided to use only locally-sourced supplies and products. Ashker’s Farm, Guercio and Sons, BreadHive, Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile and other Buffalo distributors showcase their products in the varied presentations on the menu.
It’s a Pro-Buffalo Club.
Located on picturesque Virginia Place, and open daily for dinner and drinks, the Lorenzo brothers are now booking private parties and special events for their comfortable private upstairs dining room. Call 716-822-7777 for reservations or more information.

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