Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Seeks Volunteers For 12th Annual Festival

The organizers of the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (BNFF) are l

unnamed-1 yououghtabeinpicturesooking for talented individuals to fill a number of unique volunteer and paid positions in the production of its 12th annual Film Festival.

The BNFF is highly accredited and is one of the leading competitive film festivals in the USA. Annually, hundreds of filmmakers submit films of varied lengths and genres to be considered for BNFF awards. Producers, directors and stars attend the event each year, spending a week at selected locales throughout the region, making it resemble Hollywood more than Buffalo-Niagara.

Many upcoming filmmakers and more than a few established filmmakers submit their work to BNFF for awards, which in turn helps them promote their films to wider audiences and attract distribution deals and investors for future projects.

In addition to the prestige of winning the coveted BNFF best film, actor, director, etc., there are cash prizes and production deals awarded in certain categories. Many talented artists compete for the prizes as well as the prestige.

Thousands of attendees come every year, many from Hollywood and elsewhere. Filmmakers pay to submit their films for consideration for awards, which are carefully judged by the BNFF panel of judges. These same filmmakers often attend the showings in order to witness audience reaction to their work as it is aired, to see other new films, to network with movie industry executives and scout creative talent.

People who have an interest in the motion picture and music video business, and have some time to invest helping out, learning and networking in the industry, are invited to contact our director, William Cowell.

People with skills in business development, programming, management, advertising & marketing, public relations (national & international), hospitality, event planning, sales, sponsorships, social media, networking, recruiting, videography, acting and musical performance are especially needed, as they are every year.

A project of this size requires many helping hands.

Every year Hollywood actors, directors, writers, producers and other fascinating and talented men and women in the industry attend, many of them mentoring others in the business.


Including one of our great friends, and partner, Dick Delson, who appeared last year. While Dick may not be a household name, those in the industry know how he led Miramax to astonishing heights with his publicity and marketing campaigns over 15 years. Miramax racked up dozens of Academy Award nominations and more than a few wins under his unique brand of guidance.

Delson has been involved in policy, project planning and execution for Walt Disney Productions, Filmways Pictures and MCA, Inc./Universal Pictures, and strategized numerous Oscar & Golden Globe campaigns. He worked on “Gangs of New York”, “Kill Bill” 1 & 2, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, the “Rocky” and “Rambo” franchises, “Air Force One”, “American Graffiti”, “Jaws 1 & 2”, and hundreds more.

His generous mentoring for many at the BNFF is an example of the opportunities which lie around the corner for participants in this regal event.
Send inquiries to Bill Cowell, Founder/President, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival,bcowell@thebnff.com , 716-432-1065.