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Mark Levin: Open Letter to CNN’S Brian Stelter: ‘You are thoroughly dishonest’

By Mark Levin;

(The Niagara Falls Reporter was asked to ‘circulate’ the following open letter from attorney and radio talk show host, Mark Levin to Brian Stelter, senior media correspondent for CNN and the host of Reliable Sources.  Levin hosts the syndicated radio show. The topic concerns allegations Levin made concerning evidence he has that supports the allegation that former President Obama used the authority of his office to spy on President Donald Trump when Trump was a candidate for president of the opposing political party of Obama.)

Did you listen to my show on Thursday, before President Trump tweeted? Did you watch my appearance on Fox and Friends Sunday morning? I know you are ticked I did not appear on your show, despite your numerous requests. Your ad hominem attacks about “right wing” radio host and conspiracy theory stuff … incredible.

I simply put together the stories that YOUR profession reported, on the public record. Do you deny there were two FISA applications? Do you deny the first was turned down? Do you deny the second was approved? It’s called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It is about surveillance. The fact that we cannot discern all the details because of the secrecy, except for what the media have revealed and selective leaks by the government, should cause you to want to know more, not to trash those who point it out.

And yes, we can make several logical implications based on events and experience. A FISA application is a big deal. One, or two in this case, that involve campaign surrogates, or a server or computer related to a candidate or campaign, etc., is a big deal. President Obama’s statement is not a definitive statement of anything, other than he, personally, did not order a wiretap, which I never claimed. But that does not mean he was unaware of surveillance activity by several of his departments, even through routine reports to the president, such as the Daily Intel Briefing or information conveyed to him or his staff via the Justice Department re the FBI counter-intelligence activities. As for Clapper, despite his past dissembling before Congress, he may not have been aware of what was taking place since the FBI counter-intel operation reportedly sought the warrant. The Daily Intel Briefing might provide useful information in that regard as well.

Of course, the release of the FISA applications would also shed a lot of light on events, assuming YOU believe reports that they were filed.

Furthermore, Clapper has said, as recently as yesterday, that no connections between the Russians and the Trump campaign have been found. I am extremely critical of Russia, Putin, and the efforts to influence our election, although I do not believe they succeeded. That said, how would Clapper know of no connections if he, as former Director of National Intelligence, didn’t look? On what is that based?

Your lack of curiosity and dishonesty about such matters and in dealing with me demean you and your profession. You are free to circulate this communication to whomever you wish, as I am making it public.

(The Niagara Falls Reporter invites Mr. Stelter and any interested member of the public to comment.)

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  • Firstly your tiring monolog on Trump tower’s address, height , etc. have nothing to do with it.
    Secondly no one cares how many servers there are in Trump Tower. The servers relevant to this were accurately identified by the FBI.
    Thirdly our FBI, CIA and NSA are the best in the world
    Fourthly your (and Trump’s) attempts to deflect from this by attempting to delegitimize our national security agencies professionalism and expertise are both un-American. ignorant, 100% partisan motivated and delusional.
    So…tell us again about some 400lb guy in NJ.

  • Trump Tower is a 58-story, 664-foot-high (202 m) mixed-use skyscraper located at 721–725 Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City….. there are probably 1000 businesses and personal abodes and 10,000 servers located there that don’t belong to Trump or the Campaign. Dispose of the cheap tricks Mac or at least try to factor in some common knowledge and logic into your BS attempts to support of a police state for your own political gain.

  • So everybody, my house was broken into last night. I want the police to investigate this and solve the crime. But don’t even think of coming into my home, examining the evidence where the crime occurred.
    If that’s the case Ridge ol boy what is the sense in investigating?

  • It’s interesting that only some of the Artvoice articles are offering the Disqus platform for comments.

  • This asshat cites two FISA applications but carefully evades mentioning what those requests were for. So lets shed some light on that. Routine monitoring indicated two Russian banks making money transfers back and forth to the U.S. that seemed suspicious. So the FISA was to monitor those banks. It was that monitoring that led the intelligence community to a server located in Trump Tower.
    We monitor Russian banks. Valid enough. That this led back to Trump Tower…is something we all have to try and forget?