Jojo’s Mad Love Tour

Town Ballroom, Sunday, Sun., April 23 7pm • $25-$125

JoJo is bringing her Mad Love Tour to the Town Ballroom and it’s been long strange trip for her to get here. You won’t find many career arcs as frustrating as JoJo Levesque’s. Here’s a girl that turned down a record deal at age six and later had a number one single at age 13, selling millions of records. After that initial success she quickly fell victim to the industry’s major affliction, artists battling with the record label. Jojo wasn’t able to record an album or continue her career for 10 years. After years in court she was finally able to part ways with the label and move on.

“It’s weird to be talking about a comeback at 24,” said Jojo, “but that’s my adventure.”

Luckily for her a loyal fan base hung on and waited patiently for her return. That came several months ago with the release of Mad Love, her first real album since 2006.

Jojo’s great voice is supported by pulsating synths and the big beat of electronic dance music. The first single off the Mad Love album, “Fuck Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa. respectably reached the top 40 pop charts.

As you might expect, her new music reflects her difficult transition to adulthood, including songs about sex, love, joy, angst and depression.

While there’s no denying her pop sensibilities, there is something so sincere about Jojo that she never sounds like a pre-packaged hit maker molded by record executives. It’s that sincerity that brought her fans and keeps them.