Part 5: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; An eerie sight – women forcibly branded in the name of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

By Frank Parlato

[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

According to sources:

The secretive women’s group called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] that includes the practice of human branding – led by actress Allison Mack – has become exposed to the general public.

Here are some further details:

Once a woman agrees to be branded, she is picked up and blindfolded and taken to a secret location in Knox Woods, the subdivision where Miss Mack, Mr. Raniere and many of his students reside. Knox Woods is in Half Moon township, a suburb of Albany, New York.

Once inside the house, a women who is to be branded is led to a slave pen – usually a bedroom in the house. The ceremony is at night. The curtains are closed.

The blindfold of the woman is removed and she, along with the other slaves who are to be branded that evening are told to remove their clothing.

The slave women of DOS are required to sign  “The Vow” which acknowledges they agreed to be branded in part in exchange for learning the hidden teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Once in the branding ceremony, women are not permitted to change their minds and  leave. They will be forcibly held down and branded.

Even when women screamed and begged to be released from the painfully hot iron experience as it was ongoing, they were not released.

The entire procedure, which takes about 20 minutes of actual hot iron-to-skin-contact, was performed by a licensed physician, Dr. Danielle Roberts MD, who holds a New York State medical license. Dr. Roberts is a student of Mr. Raniere and one his ardent followers.

Her attendance ensured that the hot iron cauterizing scalpel was properly sterilized and appropriate advice given for keeping fresh tissue scar safeguarded against infection.

The process of having at least four naked women hold down the woman to be branded further safeguards against accidental injury caused by the cauterized woman squirming and possibly injuring herself or Dr. Roberts.

At all times, professional medical decorum is observed. While the other women are naked, Dr. Roberts, as a licensed medical professional, remains fully dressed during the branding procedure.

Eye witnesses have described the scene:

The smell of burning flesh as the iron rips the skin tissue; the recitation of the teachings of Mr. Raniere incanted by a female DOS member; the sight of four naked women holding down another women – on a cot- their sweat pouring, their bodies dripping sweat onto the naked branded woman’s supine body as she struggles to get free from the excruciating torch; a woman standing above, filming the scene, making sure to get footage of the slave woman’s crotch [for further collateral] as her legs are spread open as she is held down; the fully dressed studious doctor performing with her red hot iron on the seared pubic region as she carefully shapes the K and R – and A and M;  the repeated screams and cries, the howls and begging of the squirming woman being held down and branded, begging to be freed; these combine to make an eerie scene, ripe for mystical interpretation.

Since the entire branding ceremony is filmed, it will be easy for law enforcement to ascertain the truth of these descriptions and determine if proper medical procedures were maintained. On the surface, it may seem coercive, but it may not be.

The film is available through Miss Mack, Lauren Salzman and others, unless it has been lost or destroyed.

Mr. Raniere, while not in attendance at the branding, is said to check in periodically during the ceremony to ensure the women are able to endure pain and the procedure was done properly and safely.

The branding ceremony, meant to be held at a secret location, has been identified as being held in the homes of DOS members including the home of Miss Mack and Mr. Raniere in Knox Woods.

Allison Mack leads DOS which requires women to be branded with Kieth Raniere and her initials on their pubic region.