Clare Bronfman completes a half marathon in New Hampshire.

Super skinny Clare Bronfman on 500 calorie DOS diet — running half marathons – is she branded too?

Pictures posted the last few days of Clare Bronfman show that she is super skinny.

She appears to be on the DOS diet which restricts women to 900, 800 or 500 calorie per day.

Clare Bronfman completes a half marathon in New Hampshire.


The DOS diet consist of plain yogurt, small quantities of fruit, raw vegetables, calorie free noodles [miracle noodles] and drinks sweetened with Stevia.

The 800 calorie diet is for the average woman. The 900 calorie diet is for women with defiance issues. The 500 calorie diet is for advanced women.

Miss Bronfman appears to be on the 500 calorie diet.

Keith Raniere says fat on women disturb the transmission of essential energy to him.
Clare Bronfman was once heavier as this 2009 picture indicates.


In the photos Miss Bronfman appears to weigh about 100 pounds and her lower body seems to be not dissimilar to a child or an anorexic person.

This conformity with the DOS slave women training indicates that Miss Bronfman, the funding source for Mr. Raniere, has either joined DOS or set up a compatible type of organization, possibly with slaves of her own.

In combination with the low cal diet, Mr. Raniere likes women to train in the half marathon, a 13.1 mile run. Runners typically train by running 15 to 25 miles per week.

The question of course is she branded?

Mr. Raniere with a disciple.


Lead by example: Losing excess fat is important to Keith Raniere and his ardent disciple Clare Bronfman fully supports his efforts to make the women of DOS slender.


Jane Doe writes: Clare Bronfman finished a half marathon in New Hampshire.

I guess this means she is branded too? So sad to see Sara Bronfman, Allison Mack, and Sara’s husband Basit Igtet there to cheer her on. I guess this means Sara and Basit won’t be saving Clare anytime soon.


Allison Mack has this on her twitter feed as her top post. Deprived, starving, harem member/slave humor. Jokes about deprivation abound.

“I harbour the fantasy of one day opening a chain of upscale Kant Diet restaurants-serving nothing”

This is the photo Miss Mack posted along with the quote above.