Exclusive: Bronfman reached out to ‘Crisis’ PR as well as lobbyists,

By Frank Parlato;

The New York Times reported yesterday, in connection to their damning report on Keith Raniere, “Federal Officials Reportedly Investigating Group here Women were Branded”,  that ‘In recent months, Nxivm has … attempted to hire lobbyists in Albany to represent it before politicians and regulators”.

Frank Report has also learned that Clare Bronfman was scrambling to do damage control in the wake of the first New York Times story, “Inside a secretive group where women are branded”published on October 17, 2017.

The story was a blockbuster and Clare evidently assigned Brian Elliot to try to retain what are called in the public relations business as “crisis management” firms.

Their job is to try to use their connections to soften the impact of media coverage, come up with spin and counter spin, and do opposition research to try to discredit the attackers of their clients.

They are typically the highest paid PR people.

Brian Elliot was calling crisis PR firms to retain, and among the several he reportedly called, was one where a former New York Post reporter – who had covered NXIVM extensively in the past – happened to work.

As one noted PR person, when told the story which was making the rounds in the PR world, told Frank Report , “It’s hysterical that they are so damn stupid.”

The PR industry in NYC is a fairly small and chatty group and it quickly made the rounds that NXIVM/Bronfman was desperately trying to do damage control and retain a NYC PR crisis firm in the wake of the branding women scandal which came right on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein women abuser story.

One insider, whose company also turned down the opportunity to be paid a lot of money to lie, told Frank Report: “We absolutely, no way, were doing it. We don’t represent child predators, abusers, cults or soon to be convicted criminals. I’m sure he fits a couple of those.”

In their report, The New York Times used the words “attempted to hire lobbyists” which implies that wisdom and perhaps ethics got the better of greed for even lobbyists, and Bronfman, who loves to incentivize consultants and lawyers to get indictments against NXIVM enemies, seems to have been unable to corrupt any lobbyists as well as PR firms.

[Remember what happened to Gloria Alred’s daughter when she began, then aborted, her role as the defender of Harvey Weinstein?]

How do you spin it?

The Justice Department has started an investigation into NXIVM and its psychopathic leader, Keith Raniere, a group where its women are branded on their pubic region with a symbol containing his initials.

In addition to being branded, women are required to provide ‘collateral’ which includes naked photographs and videos, confessions, and other damaging material that would be publicly released if they disclosed certain secrets or failed to obey the mandates of Raniere.

Unlike PR firms and lobbyists, Bronfman has been able to retain attorneys to represent NXIVM and two doctors under investigation for branding women and subjecting women to surprise human fright experiments.

NXIVM has retained Paul DerOhannesian of DerOhannesian and DerOhannesian in Albany – experts in criminal and civil litigation and Michael S. Kelton of Abrams Fensterman in New York City – a firm that specializes in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Note: The forensic psychiatrist, Park Dietz, is indeed ‘of international repute,’ as Keith Raniere seems to have described him. He has made a specialty of evaluating psychopaths and killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, and providing expert testimony in court.

Dr. Dietz said DOS slave India Oxenberg showed no evidence of being ‘brainwashed’ and appeared “happy” from what he observed in a preliminary evaluation.

Point of clarification: Dr. Dietz was retained only to evaluate India Oxenber’s competence to take NXIVM/Esp classes and was not hired to evaluate whether she was competent to be a member of DOS.

He was retained by NXIVM/ESP.

Smooth talking, good looking, charming and utterly brainwashed, Brian Elliot between sips of Kool-aid, tried to hire a crisis management PR firm to do damage control on behalf of Bronfman-Raniere.
Karma: Clare Bronfman is about to take a ride she has never been on before – although in fairness she has put many, many people on just such a ride….

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  • Crockett will do almost anything for a dollar. He’s been defending NXIVM for years. He even warned Kristin Keffee to get away from them as he could see how evil they were.

    Knowing that, he still will defend them in a court of law and take their blood money.

    Right now he is defending Raniere’s hopeless case with Microsoft and AT&T that Raniere cannot prove he owns the patents. Rumor is he was hiding his Ass-ets back then and gave the patient to someone else. Judge threw his butt out of court and called Raniere a liar after several months.

    What an idiot

  • Bullies will do anything just to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. At some point along the way, they’ve become so incredibly stupid, that they have lost all logic and reasoning ability.They just can’t accept that everyone with a brain recognizes them for what they really are. It’s kind of funny, but scary too, when you think about how mentally ill they must be to keep this crap up.

    Have a great Christmas ,Frank. I think the new year is going to be pretty interesting. Lol.

  • Frank! Don’t forget to mention Robert Crockett -another crooked lawyer on retainer by Bronfman/Raniere Crime team – who is the one who hired Dr.Dietz to perform this misleading and utterly fraudulent evaluation of one DOS woman- not the thriving group that Pscho-Keity promised us would come forward.

  • Time will tell if the Bronfmans can buy themselves out of that. Time will tell. The question that remains is whether they have found something that ensures that the judges are in their hands. Maybe they threw enough money at some semi-legal companies and managed to acquire some dirt.
    Just think of J. Edgar Hoover who managed to stay in power as head of the FBI as he had dirt on so many politicians from both parties. Just lets hope that the Bronfmans were not as good.