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Author: Dalai Lama reportedly aware, secretly supported lamas’ Tantric sex cult practices

The following is the opinion of author, Christine Chandler. She wrote ‘Enthralled,’ a book about the alleged secret Tantric sex practices of Tibetan Buddhist ‘monks.’ The writer’s views are her own.
NXIVM is a cult that brands women on their pubic region as a mark of slavery to its leader, Keith Raniere. Artvoice broke the story of their branding, which subsequently became worldwide news.
In 2009, the Dalai Lama came to Albany NY, where Raniere operated NXIVM, to give a speech. He was hosted by Raniere and two followers, Clare and Sara Bronfman, heiresses of the Seagram Liquor fortune. There was a great deal of controversy about the Dalai Lama’s visit. He was accused of supporting a cult.  Raniere, however, used the Dalai Lama’s visit as a de facto endorsement of NXIVM. The Dalai Lama also wrote a preface to one of Raniere’s books, The Sphinx & Thelxiepeia.
As part of our reporting on NXIVM, Artvoice discovered that one of the Dalai Lama’s emissaries, Lama Tenzin Dhonden, allegedly had an affair with Sara Bronfman. This caused a scandal for Tenzin since he was publicly posing as a monk.
By Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.

Artvoice recently reported on the Dalai Lama and his corrupt monk, Lama Tenzin Dhonden’s involvement with NXIVM.

This was not a fluke or an aberration, because what lies beneath a cult like NXIVM,  is the cult of Tantra that the Dalai Lama and his sexually abusive monks have been importing into our country since the days of Trungpa Rinpoche:  Tibetan Buddhism is not Buddhism as it pretends,  it is a thousand year old cult of sexual abuse that uses women for their Tantric practices. That is why the Dalai Lama was willing to take money from Keith Raniere’s group:
Here is the news, reported all over Europe, about the favorite lama of the Dalai lama,  Lama Sogyal of Lakar, that is being purposely repressed in the U.S.
The Dalai Lama and his vast organization, (it is not true that these lamas operate independently; they are all under the Dalai Lama umbrella now) are trying to do damage control on many fronts, keeping this news from the public that reveals that this is not a rogue lama, but they are all corrupt, and are practicing sexual Tantra.  That is why Keith knew he could get the Dalai Lama to come to approve of his group.
Hollywood, journalists, certain parts of academia, have been protecting this cult of the lamas, some of them becoming practitioners, vowing to keep their secrets.  Now that Lama Sogyal has been outed and is hiding somewhere in Thailand with his harem,  the women, just like those enablers of the cult of NXIVM (sexual abuse organizations always have female enablers)  and the other corrupted Lamas, are infiltrating into many institutions to create chaos and havoc with their Tantra.  What Keith Raniere is practicing is Tantra that nails all female energy down in a misogynistic paradigm, that these Dalai Lamas and the other Lama sects all practice, while putting on their grand theatre and using traditional Mahayana Buddhism, and humble monk personas to fool people in the West.  The Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Buddhism has been the biggest hoax on the Western world, and is here to create havoc and chaos, immorality and confusion in all our western institutions.
How do I know?  Because I was a western Tibetan Buddhist, who escaped their net of thought-control inside their sanghas.  Few do.  It is how they kept their own country in poverty and misery for the last  1000 years, and are now China’s soft power to destroy the fabric of our country. Theirs is a civilization jihad  that operates by stealth,  and comes with a smiling face and peaceful, happy rhetoric when they were, in fact, the religion of the wrathful  Khans.  That  history is purposely repressed.
Someone sent me your material when it was reporting about the Dalai Lama and I thought that you might want to know what Lies Beneath their masks:
My Blog:
Thought you might be interested that the Dalai Lama’s behavior and support of NXIVM was not a simple mistake. Anything that ‘nails all female energy down” is what the Dalai Lama would be behind and support, just as he supported this Lama Sogyal for the last 40 years, who kept harems of Western women, whom he beat and treated like slaves:
Book description on Amazon reads in part: When author, Christine Chandler, signed up for a simple meditation retreat, she had no idea she would be severing emotional ties with her ordinary life, in order to obey the intense practices of Tibetan Lamas; becoming one of their many western devotees and ‘change agents’ to help the lamas overwhelm western values and ethics in order to replace them with a Buddhist-disguised Tantric spirituality.


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  • Suggest you can read into this book to see it for yourself, I have only highlighted a quote for your attention below.

    Gentle Bridge, Conversations with the Dalai Lama on the Sciences of Mind
    Hayward and Varela, PhD; Shambhala Publications, Inc, 2001

    “Dalai Lama: Among these four, fainting is very strong, but the one that you experience at the time of orgasm is the strongest. That is one of the reasons why the practice of bliss comes into the highest yoga tantra. There is a lot of misunderstanding of the sexual and other imagery associated with the Anuttara yoga tantra. The actual reason for this sexual imagery is precisely because among these four ordinary occasions in which the clear light appears, orgasm is the strongest. Thus this imagery is used in meditation to extend the experience of the arising of clear light and also to clarify it or make it more vivid. This is the point. During the event of orgasm, because the experience of clear light is longer in duration, already you have a greater opportunity to utilize it. There is also something to be researched here in the moment of fainting and its relationship to the clear light.” P81-82

  • You have no clue what you are talking about. please do your research before you write about something that is nothing but lies!

  • Anyone who has done their researches would know the true color of Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism) easily. A scholar named Waddell wrote following passage a hundred years ago:

    “For Lamaism is only thinly and imperfectly varnished over with Buddhist symbolism, beneath which the sinister growth of poly-demonist superstition darkly appears.” “Primitive Lamaism may therefore be defined as a priestly mixture of Sivaite mysticism, magic, and Indo-Tibetan demonolatry, overlaid by a thin of Mahayana Buddhism. And to the present day Lamaism still retains this character.” (Waddell, The Buddhism of Tibet, or Lamaism, pp. xi, pp. 29-30)

    Not enough?

    PLEASE take a look at the teachings of the “Most Honorable” Tsongkhapa who is the founder and a patriarch of the Gelug sect lineage (The lineage of the Dalai Lamas), below passage from the Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, Vol. 13 where Tsongkhapa himself uncovers the essence of Lamaism requires sexual practices:

    “Someone who ask the teacher for empowerment should make offerings first. A curtain is used as a screen. The disciple understands very well that the teacher is vajrasattva. Wisdom mothers with complete samaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the age of 12 etc., are offered to the teacher. Just like the statement in the second chapter of Sutra on Great-Seals: “One should choose females who are most wise, virtuous, with slender eyes, having a wondrous dignified face, and aged from 12 to 16, or 20 if difficult to obtain. Females over 20 are used in other seals (mudra) because it will make all the stages of practice impossible to attain. One’s sisters, daughters, or wife are offered to the teacher.” (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese by dharma-master Fazun, Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p.376)

  • Prof. Donald S. Lopez, Jr. describes in his book Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West, p16, “”Lamaism” is often regarded as a synonym for “Tibetan Buddhism.”…..The art historian’s comment echoes the nineteenth-century portrait of Lamaism as something monstrous, a composite of unnatural lineage devoid of the spirit of original Buddhism”. Christine A. Chandler does have deep insights into Lamaism and their practices ! The writer’s views are definitely not her own!!! The Dalai Lama’s teachings are not genuine teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha nor Mahayana Buddhism at all.

  • I had a glance at this person’s blog. The first sentence I read alleges that “The Catholic Church has decided to merge with Tibetan Tantra of the Occult”. And above, “[Tibetan monks] are now China’s soft power to destroy the fabric of our country”. Excuse me? Do I read that correctly?

    Sorry, but this person is clearly off her rocker. I have rarely seen such an overtly delusional, paranoid rant. I don’t know how she got to get into this state, but she deserves our compassion. She has, by her own admission, followed Tibetan Buddhism, voluntarily, for thirty years. Nobody becomes a Tibetan Buddhist except by their own choice. It is not a missionary religion, like Christianity or Islam. You can profess to follow it and to quit it any time you please, it’s simply a personal commitment; nobody will castigate you, there is no shame in it. To take someone as your teacher is a personal decision for which one takes personal responsibility. If that teacher turns out to be bad, then who else to blame, but oneself? She, however, is blaming everyone else except herself. If it was all so rotten to the core, how come she joined it in the first place and devoted her life to it, and how come she continued to follow it faithfully for thirty years?

    The Dalai Lama himself always openly advises Westerners to stick to their traditional, local religion; not to abandon it to become Buddhist. She would have done well to follow his advice because her blog sounds like since deciding, voluntarily, to quit it, she’s been through absolute mental hell – and continues to do so. All by her own choice. Amazing how people can create their own world around themselves, good or bad. She really deserves our pity.

  • “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. It is not because a few buddhist monks/lamas
    are corrupt, that you can smear the whole Buddhist establisment! If anything, the Dalai Lama has been a shining example of all the best qualities in human beings.
    Either you are genuine in your writings, and I would suggest you research a bit more before asserting such insanities, or you fell for Chinese propaganda, and there is nothing to be done except to feel sorry for you!

  • A ridiculous series of assumptions and non factual statements. Clearly the author has no concept at all of who the Dalai Lama is, what he stands for and how simply genuine he is. A Chinese backed hatchet job. Shame on her.

  • Do you know what on earth you are talking about? Tantra is not some criminalized performance that was made so people could “rape.” It is the method of transforming what is considered “wrong” by others into enlightenment. This can range from eating meat to sex to wrath to all kinds of things. As long as it DOESN’T hurt anyone in the process! Yes, some practices can seem wrathful, but it is not physically hurting anyone! It is to transform that wrath into enlightenment! What right do you have to comment on such advanced practices when you yourself aren’t even qualified nor understanding of these practices? How dare you say that ALL lamas practice this? There are those who practice the healing practices of Yuthok Nyingthig, yet that has NOTHING to do with sex!
    Just because some lamas are corrupt or have scandals DOESN’T mean that ALL LAMAS DO THIS!!! If one woman stole food from a market, does that mean ALL women steal food from the market? NO! The same thing here! You have no right to criticize Tibetan Buddhism as fully scandalous! Shame on you and your breaking of samaya!