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The U.S. Drug War and Cannabis Prohibition Are About to Get [Roger] Stoned

Roger Stone has proven to be a remarkably intuitive, prescient and influential political force, perhaps the most underrated and under-credited figure in American politics today.

His singular style of hardball politics, without acquiescing or capitulating to hypocrisy, pretense and contrivance, has distinguished him from the pack of politicians, politicos and pundits who inhabit the national political scene.

In a Netflix documentary chronicling his career as a political strategist and his role as Donald Trump’s advisor (“Get Me Roger Stone”), Stone notes that hatred from opponents and critics comes because he has been effective at what he does, to their consternation.

Despite the price Stone has paid in the demonization, retribution and nastiness from detractors and enemies, the veteran politico cheerfully persists as an advocate for causes he believes in and as an unrelenting warrior against corruption in government.

One issue Stone has taken on has confounded friends and opponents, alike. The position has for decades been considered taboo. Stone finds himself pitted against ‘conventional wisdom’ and reactionary forces that seem to dominate America’s political establishment.

Stone’s position makes him an outlier among Trump’s retinue of advisors, while his connection to Trump makes him an outlier among activists around the country who share his position, but are not Trump supporters.

The issue is America’s long-failing drug prohibition, misleadingly called the “war on drugs.”

The position Stone advocates is that the 46-year old drug war is an “expensive, ignominious and racist failure” that must be ended, and its countless incarcerated casualties set free.

Knowing what a monumental undertaking this is, Stone focused his efforts on ending one facet of the war— the prohibition of cannabis or, as federal drug laws call (and spell) it: “marihuana.”

Those who share Stone’s position, and know Stone’s capacity for achieving success in challenging undertakings, are pleased to have him as an ally and hopeful his involvement might tip the scale in favor of removing cannabis prohibition from U.S. federal law.

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Roger Stone

Roger Jason Stone Jr. (born August 27, 1952) is an American political consultant, lobbyist, and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research usually for candidates of the Republican Party.


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