Eric Holder the ‘Just Say “No”‘ attorney general may be next

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by J.Gary DiLaura

Former Attorney General Eric Holder put lawman (especially white ones) in jail and kept law breakers (especially black ones) out.

In my opinion, Eric Holder is a racist . In fact, he is the only US AG in history to be held in contempt of Congress.

For what, you ask? For refusing to “cooperate “(provide evidence) to Congress on the illegal (and dumbest, most inept, negligent) Fast And Furious operation.

The case was designed to allow illegally acquired guns (assault rifles) to “walk” into Mexico so they could see how many people would be killed by them. We haven’t heard how many, but people were killed with Fast &Furious guns in Mexico besides an American agent in the US!

That was the result. The “intent” is unknown because Holder and ringleader Obama cloaked the whole episode in a “shroud of secrecy”.  We can’t tell you, it’s their secret! That’s why Holder was held in contempt.

Another, “no” Holder said was to the FBI and his own assistant AG’s who wanted to prosecute and arrest Black Panthers for blocking and interfering with voters in an election in Philadelphia.

According to J. Christian Adams, former Deputy AG under Holder, he and other DAGs were told by Holder that “if the obstructionists were white people blocking black voters, he would have authorized” their arrests. His argument was that the history of discrimination blacks had been subjected to warranted permission to break the law!

The 14th Amendment wasn’t intended to apply to white people, according to Holder. Mr. Adams resigned on his own moral convictions and Holders’ lack of it!

Another ,”no” from Holder’s lips was regarding prosecution of “his” Assistant AGs who were sent to Ferguson to ”investigate” possible civil rights violations by the police! It seems Holder sent a crew of militant attorneys that he sent out as “investigators to get to the truth, which truth they would try to change if  wasn’t the truth they wanted.

A federal judge in Ferguson held this crew of attorneys in contempt of court and recommended charges be brought against them for witness tampering (trying to get witnesses to change testimony) and evidence tampering.

Holder said “No” for nothing was done!

In Texas, in a case brought by some 30 states against the government, giving immunity and citizenship to thousands of illegals, the court ordered the DOJ to stop. They ignored the court order and went forward anyway! The court held the DOJ attorneys in contempt and barred them from appearing in the courts of “any” jurisdiction and recommended disciplinary action be taken by Holder against his “pets”.

In the old days (B.O. before Obama), they would have been fired on the spot!

Holder again said “no’ and did nothing.

So Mr. Holder stay in California, and continue to help them break the laws of the United States like you did when you were Obama’s AG. But you might be wise and do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut.

You can’t look for Obama to “cover” your back, because his back is exposed. When the law and order, current president gets around to you and him we’ll see who has who’s back. Take a look at the Comey vs McCabe, “he said, she said” situation that is just getting  started.

You and Barack could be next!

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