Master Raniere with his Prefect, Nancy Salzman.
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FBI Raids NXIVM ‘Prefect’ Nancy Salzman’s home

The FBI has raided Nancy Salzman’s home on Oregon Trail in suburban Albany New York.

A search warrant was issued and numbers of federal agents armed and donning bullet proof vests have entered the home of the NXIVM leader and co-founder known as Prefect.

Salzman, 63, a registered nurse, and hypnotist, is second in command of NXIVM.

Its leader, Keith Raniere, was arrested yesterday.

Part of the search will be for cash and other documents and videos believed to be stored in her large basement safe. Raniere was arrested yesterday in Mexico and extradited to the USA on charges of sex trafficking.

It was reported by former members of NXIVM that as much as $2 million in smuggled money was stored in her safe, a fact first reported here. According to sources, Raniere instructed his Mexican followers to smuggle cash from Mexico

Stay tuned for more info .

As of 10:33 am the search is in progress.

Master Keith Raniere [AKA Vanguard] with his Prefect, Nancy Salzman.

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