Florida Charter School Dumps Common Core & Ranks Among State’s Top Schools

Mason Classical Academy, a charter school in Naples, Florida, decided against Common Core and the results have been positive so far.

Ninety percent of third-grade students at Mason were proficient in English Language Arts, compared to 58 percent in the Collier County overall, most of whom rely on Common Core.

Mason’s third-graders were in Florida’s top two percent, while fifth graders ranked in the top one percent.

The school has been criticized by the district superintendent and the Naples Daily News, according to The Freedom Project.

In California, the state average is 43 percent proficiency in English among third graders. Six public schools in Baltimore do not have a single student who is proficient in English Language Arts or math.

Common Core is focused on test results and critics say it comes at the expense of children developing social skills, outdoor activities, creativity and their emotional and physical health.


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  • Means nothing if we don’t know how this school selects and rejects students. What is the percentage of special ed students? (The school is refusing to publish this data). Is the student population really comparable to California, which has so many more English learners? This is an English test after all.