What happens to Keith Raniere after his arrest?

“He who has the most joy wins”
Keith Alan Raniere (Pre-Arrest)

By John G. Stapleton

Keith Raniere has been arrested.

Since 1990, he has never been without his female attendants serving him at his command.

Now that he has been arrested, none of his female servants or slaves will be able to serve him his meals, get his clothes ready and be on call to serve and service him.

What happens next?

To answer that question, I consulted with several attorneys – and a few individuals who have been through the federal criminal justice system – and found out that this is the likely scenario:

Once he was arrested and the Mexican Federal Police car he was in was able to elude the car full of faithful followers who were chasing after them, Keith was likely taken to the border and turned over to U.S. Marshals and/or FBI agents at an airport and flown to Dallas, TX.

Upon arrival, he was probably transported to the local FBI Field Office and processed into the federal criminal justice system. That would have included fingerprinting, a DNA swab, a urine sample, “mug shots”, and a bunch of forms to be filled out.

After finishing up this initial processing, Keith would have been taken to a local jail or the Federal Correctional Facility in Seagoville. Depending on what time he arrived, he may or may not have been on time to get dinner. If not, he’d get a bologna sandwich on white bread with a slice of cheese, an apple, and a carton of milk.

Since he was only going to be there a few hours, he was probably put into a holding cell or in the Special Housing Unit (SHU). Either way, he would not have much contact with other prisoners.
After resting for a few hours, Keith will be transported over to the Federal Court House in Dallas, TX and arraigned at 2:00 PM this afternoon.

Because, however, the feds never like to be late for such events, he’ll probably arrive there by 10:00 AM (Depending on when he leaves the jail/correctional facility – and when he arrives at the courthouse – he may/may not get breakfast and lunch).

If his criminal defense attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, was willing and able to fly down last night, Keith might be able to meet with him for a few minutes before the arraignment.

It may not make much difference because there is little chance that he’s going to be granted bail.

Assuming he is denied bail, Keith will begin a rather circuitous trip to Brooklyn, NY. That could involve a flight on Con-Air from Dallas to Oklahoma City, where he’ll be housed for a few days or, he might go on a 4 or 5-day road trip.

Either way, he’ll probably be in handcuffs, leg-irons, and body-chains for much of the trip.

Finally, he’ll arrive in Brooklyn – where he may get another hearing on his request for bail.
If that too fails, he’ll end up being assigned to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn (90% probability) or the Manhattan Correctional Center in Manhattan (10% probability).

Once he’s at MDC or MCC, he’ll get processed: An interview with an Intake Officer, lots of forms to be filled out, a quick medical look-see, more “mug shots”, another round of fingerprinting, a full-and-complete strip search (including the squat-and-spread anal cavity look-see), and off to get federal-prison duds.

His prison issue

His new clothing will likely be a dark brown onesie, grey underwear, a pair of white socks, and some Bruce Lee shoes. And he’ll get his own set of sheets and a blanket.

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