Part 1: The secret story of how Allison Mack became a sex slaver

In 2010, TV Actress Allison Mack was on top of the world. She was starring in the long running, hit TV series Smallville, had millions of fans, was making millions, was beautiful and had thousands of men who would be grateful for the chance to date her.

A few years earlier, her friend and costar Kristin Kreuk brought her into a ‘self-help’ group called NXIVM and her life changed.  Her involvement with the mysterious group grew from day to day. Even to this day – despite the arrest of leader Keith Raniere and Allison’s arrest expected soon – she continues to be a stalwart devotee. Some fear she has been brainwashed. Deeply hypnotized. Unable to think for herself.

As Artvoice reported, Mack is leading the remaining followers – designated as her slaves – despite her master Raniere being behind bars awaiting arraignment on charges of sex trafficking.

In this first of a series on how the cult captured Mack, we trace the roots of her involvement with NXIVM and how she started her affair with Raniere, whose followers call him Vanguard.


Sometime in 2010 or thereabouts, Allison Mack left her computer open. There was an email on the screen. One of her friends saw it and was shocked: It was an email from Keith Raniere – leader of NXIVM – the sex-slaver, blackmail and branding cult – to Allison Mack.

It read in effect:  ‘If you and I want to have sex, you have to make a vow to have sex only with me. I have been betrayed before and once we become close – as you want — and I give my all to you, I cannot risk your betrayal. You must give me some collateral.’

At the time, Allison was considering dating actor Mark Hildreth – who recently broke up with Kristin Kreuk. All three were in the cult. But Allison had set her eye on Raniere – the leader. She threw Mark overboard in a heartbeat and jumped at the chance to be with Raniere – the leader of the ‘self-help’ group that she felt had changed her life.

Allison asked Keith what he wanted. She saved money from her acting career and invested it. Her net worth was estimated to be around $8 million.  Raniere told her he wanted her to pledge her financial assets as collateral to ensure she would never betray him.

Keith told her, “What does it mean if you are not willing to pledge these assets? If you are not going to betray me, you will never lose your homes, your Orange County office building, or any of your savings.”

The giddy actress bought this argument. Paperwork was prepared and she signed a pledge that she would never sleep with another man the rest of her life and, if she did, Keith Raniere could file the deeds on her properties in his name and take the money from her bank account.

The problem with the scenario is that while Allison could have sex only with Keith, he made it clear that he would be with other women whenever he chose. And with this pledge of collateral, began a new phase in the life of Allison Mack.


Stay tuned for Part 2: How Raniere took control of Allison Mack’s entire life


Allison Mack [r] with Keith Raniere.


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