Dalai Lama reportedly to receive RigVir cancer treatment in Latvia

By Indy Hack

One month ago the Dalai Lama shocked the world when, on March 22nd, he cancelled all his overseas engagements for the rest of 2018, citing age and exhaustion as reasons. Less than three weeks later, on April 10th, he contacted his representatives in Russia to tell them he would visit Latvia in June and that they should arrange a venue for him to teach in.

What makes this turn of events unusual is that the Dalai Lama was never scheduled to visit Latvia in 2018; he had already visited in September 2017. The reason for the sudden change has nothing to do with a startling recovery from old age or exhaustion but everything to do with a cancer clinic in Riga, Latvia.
Latvia is home to the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic which uses the Riga Virus to treat cancer patients. The Riga Virus, or RigVir treatment is approved for use in Latvia, but not within other EU states, the US, or Japan. The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic, is just 12 miles from the Skonto Hall in Riga where the Dalai Lama taught in 2017 and will teach again in June.

Sources close to the Dalai Lama confirmed his reason for scheduling a visit to Latvia is primarily to, “try and find a cure for his cancer”. They revealed he was due to receive treatment there in late October 2017. Due to declining health the visit had to be brought forward to September which they say caused, “a logistical nightmare”, adding, “When it comes to his cancer everything else takes a back seat”.
I contacted the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic asking for a statement regarding these claims and received a reply from their CEO, J?nis Dobelis, demanding that I identify myself and my connection to the Dalai Lama.

Normally these inquiries are met with a standard response from the publicity/marketing team, not directly from the organisation’s CEO. Dobelis would neither confirm or deny that the Dalai Lama was a patient or that he was scheduled for an appointment in June.
Despite claims he’s “in good health” the Dalai Lama looks frail, requiring a monk to stand behind him and hold him whenever he’s in a group photo.

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  • Come on, you can get more creative than this.

    By the way, next time your stories fail, don’t make the knee jerk decision to delete everything, all it does is make you look lazy and unprofessional.

  • Tenzin Peljor (Michael Jäckel a.k.a. Mick Jackman) is a “Buddhist monk” based in Germany. By his own admission, he runs a blog supposedly highlighting issues related to Tibetan Buddhism but, in reality, focuses only on and against Dorje Shugden. We do not need to publicize his website address here as it is easy to come across via Google.

    According to Michael, he is the head of a ‘Buddhist’ center in Germany. Operating a center involves organizing, teaching, managing, raising funds and providing guidance to one’s students. Therefore where Michael finds the time to carry out his online activities AND operate his center is a mystery. The only logical conclusions are that he is being paid by the Tibetan exile government and can therefore afford to spend less time on his center, or that his center is not very successful and therefore does not require much management. You choose which makes more sense to you.

    A monk should do retreats, meditate, be tempered in his speech, study, learn, teach, practice and do social work for the betterment of society. Monks do not run around with cameras photographing peaceful Dorje Shugden practitioners, which Michael is often seen doing. What kind of monk helps oppressors to identify subjects to target? Monks do not devote all of their waking moments attacking people online. What kind of monk encourages negative speech and schism?

    Is this how a Buddhist monk behaves? Why should anyone respect the words of this monk who behaves in such a vicious and unmonkly manner? Whether or not a person practices Dorje Shugden, it is unmonkly to attack them for their beliefs – Buddha taught equanimity which Michael, a so-called “Buddhist monk” clearly struggles with.

  • AV had to delete several articles from this angry white dude. Dude said Dalai Lama cancelled all foreign events. Then when trip to 5 European countries goes up on DL website, this whole new angle.
    Frank do you think readers too stupid to remember the prev articcles from this hack? Embarrassing.

  • Lol! The journalist facade wore off a long time ago, but deleting a whole narrative and making a new one is just plain lazy. Come on, at least try to tie up the loose ends from the first narrative before starting a new one! Remember, you’re supposed to be a real journalist 😉

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