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NXIVM or FBI ‘survillance’?

By Frank Parlato

My computer shows today, among choices of Wi-Fi connections, something called ‘FBI Survillance.’  This is either a blundering FBI, a silly user name for a neighbor, or last, but not least, an attempt by NXIVM to hack into my computer.

Whomever it is, they spelled surveillance wrong, but it’s a hard word to spell.

It’s also true that FBI Buffalo might have motive. That office made one of the most colossal blunders in modern law enforcement. They might have reason to spy on my computer – to save face. Normally you’d think they’d be better at hiding it. Probably they are.

On the other hand, consider: I brought Buffalo FBI office, through my attorney, and then when they chose to ignore it, published in print and online in this publication, evidence of the crimes that Bronfman -Raniere – Nxivm committed back in 2015, just as the branding and blackmail scheme was started.

Buffalo FBI said they wanted me, not Bronfman. Bronfman was going to be a victim. They indicted me instead and let Bronfman and Raniere free to brand blackmail and enslave women. It was right out of a Hitchcock movie like “the Wrong Man.”

Raniere must have realized he was above the law.  Or he had FBI protection. He went on to brand 50 women. I went on to write 1200 stories about the crimes they committed and broke the story about branding first in the world. Finally FBI New York took up the case and soon enough Raniere was arrested. Allison Mack followed.

I was the first to predict both arrests.

Had FBI Buffalo pursued the true criminals – Bronfman-Raniere – instead of an innocent man – 50 women would not have been branded.

Live and learn.  And watch out for surveillance – it’s a hard word to spell.

fbi suvillance

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  • Thats funny Frank. The reason I know its true is as an activist i guessed i became of importance. while at a cafe in Berkeley. I looked at the servers to see who was around and it said
    “FBI surveillance Van #42″.
    I thought it must be students since I was near the University but what intelligent student would do that?. A week later after changing cafe’s I checked for local servers and it said”Terrorist Cafe”.
    In other words they in response to me reporting them in a complaint IN AN ABSOLUTE stupid MOVE CONFIRMED IT WAS ORIGINALLY THEM.
    Can’t say its been fun since but it alerted me.
    I thnak them for that.

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