Allison Mack on stage at Vanguard Week - a 10 day celebration of sex cult leader Keith Raniere's birthday held annually in Silver Bay in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Raniere in front row center in audience.
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Allison Mack to seek plea deal on sex trafficking charges; will likely testify against sex slaver Raniere

By Frank Parlato

The dominoes are falling fast.

Allison Mack’s attorneys have advised the actress to waive for a brief time the clock on speedy trial – until May 3-  in order to cut a deal with the feds to avoid proseuction.

The deal is likely to include her testifying against Keith Raniere and likely his hench-woman Clare Bronfman, whom authorities are said to be showing an increasing interest in.

It has always been my contention that Mack is part victim, part victimizer and that the true evildoers were Raniere, the two Bronfman sisters – Sara and Clare and mother and daughter, Nancy and Lauren Salzman.

I have told Mack’s story many times and, at one time, Catherine Oxenberg and I spoke with her manager to try to persuade Allison Mack to leave the cult before the FBI had began its investigation. Kristin Kreuk also made some attempts at intervention, according to reports within the NXIVM circles.

There is a slim chance that, if Allison, who knows where the skeletons are – if she cooperates with the DOJ, she might avoid jail time.

If she chooses not to cooperate against the monster Raniere and Bronfman, she is lilely to spend the rest of her days in prison..

This is a death knell. If Allison sings it will be goodnight sweetheart, goodnight.

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  • She’d better take that plea deal, forget Keith, forget Nxivm, and go on with the rest of her life in anonymity. Seriously.

    • hopefully allison does tell all and gets a reduced sentence and that she gets the “deprogramming” help she seemingly desperately needs. unfortunately, i think she is going to try and assume all blame for the group’s wrongdoing and do her best to get keith a reduced sentence. poor sad girl, and poor sad girls for anyone she got to join the group.

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