Mack ordered her slaves to have sex with Raniere. She sometimes became conflicted because she got jealous of the slaves with Raniere at times.
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Bail conditions suggest Allison Mack has defected from sex-slaver cult

Based on events today, Allison Mack has likely defected from the cult that brands and blackmails women. The conditions of Mack’s release on $5 million bond include:
1. She goes to California to live with parents in home confinement.
2. She wears an ankle monitor.
3. She can’t leave her residence without advance approval.
4. She cannot meet, speak on the phone, or email members of NXIVM.

The judge told Mack, “Basically, avoid contact with anyone you know associated in any way with NXIVM.”

This appears to contradict an earlier commitment she made. A  few years ago, Mack made ‘The Vow”, a lifetime vow of obedience to Raniere. She gave him collateral to insure that she would never fail to honor the vow of placing him above all others.

Now Mack accepted freedom by agreeing not to communicate with her master, Raniere.

She is not likely to have consulted with Raniere in making this decision. He is in Brooklyn in prison – having been denied bail.

One former NXIVM slave said, “There is nothing that would make Keith Raniere more upset than losing control of Allison Mack. He is striving for control. He created a master-slave group.  In the face of adversity, she was not willing to stand with her group.  It will drive Keith insane. He must have complete control of everyone.”

He does not have control any more. This is evidenced by the fact that she agreed not to talk to him or anyone – even Mack’s wife, DOS slave, actress Nicki Clyne whom Mack married to keep in the USA. Clyne is Canadian.


One of Mack’s slaves, India Oxenberg, says she’s willing to go to jail like Nelson Mandela to uphold Mack and Raniere; but pampered Oxenberg has not been cuffed and collared like Mack, who just spent four days in brutal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Will Oxenberg seek to get out of jail at the cost of never speaking to anyone connected to NXIVM if the alternative is sitting in that inhuman stench hole for months or years awaiting trial?  She may soon find out since she has been identified as co conspirator #2 in this sex trafficking and forced labor case. [Mack was co conspirator #1]

According to a court filing, Mack tolled the time clock for speedy trial because her lawyers may be trying to secure a quick plea deal. Mack won’t be consulting with Raniere on that. And a good thing too, since any plea deal at this stage would require her to testify against him, her former master.

Mack’s next court date is May 3.


Sketch of Allison Mack in court today.

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