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Photos of Mack leaving court tell shocking story of her decline, pathetic fall

mack bail sketch

By Frank Parlato

Allison Mack was a star when she met Keith Raniere in 2006. Within four years, he persuaded her to quit her hit TV show Smallville. A few years later she was nearly broke. He had fleeced her of most of her money.

She began a sexual relationship with him around 2012. He is 24 years her senior. He persuaded her to enter a curious relationship with him – she could be with no other man but he could have sex with a harem.

He persuaded her to begin DOS, a master slave group based on blackmail and branding. The latter landed her in hot water. She was released today on $5 million bail and restricted to home confinement.

She is a pathetic creature who owes her downfall to the cult leader she called Vanguard, a  man who destroys all he touches. How culpable she is for the horrors she participated in, time perhaps will tell.

There are greater monsters than her – if she is indeed a monster. The greatest evil doer who roams free – perhaps to big to tackle because of her enormous wealth is cult leader Clare Bronfman.

The fact that Allison Mack [see below] is hanging on to her lawyers as she walks out of the courthouse with the media descending [and not clinging to her Vanguard, Keith Raniere, who she agreed to not communicate with] tells me she has left the cult.

Allison Mack is out, I beleive. She learned the lesson. Raniere is a monster. BVronfman is a monster., They used her to recruit slaves to their sick and perverted cult.

That does not exonerate her completely, but there is a glimmer, a ghost of a chance that she can make amends and begin the healing process for herself and someday for those she helped Raniere and Bronfman to hurt.


Mack leaving court on bailMack leaving court on bail 2Mack leaving court on bail 3Mack leaving court on bail 4Mack leaving court on bail 5Mack leaving court on bail 6Mack leaving court on bail 7

Before Raniere


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  • I wonder if Bronfman will try to contact Mack at her parent’s house. Mack needs to stick to what the judge says and have nothing to do with anyone associated with Nxvium.

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