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NXIVM sex cult: How Catherine Oxenberg saved everyone but India [so far]

By Frank Parlato
Kurir is a daily tabloid published in Belgrade.  I was asked for comment by one of their reporters.  As a Serbian newspaper, they would naturally be interested in India Oxenberg since her grandmother is Princess of Yugoslavia.  Here are their questions and my answers:


Q: If Alison Mack admits guilt in connection with NXIVM sex trafficking, does that mean India Oxenberg will do the same? Because of her pact with Allison and Nicki?


A: India has not been arrested yet, or has she been charged. She may be arrested soon. Allison Mack was her slave master. Now India is without her master.  Allison’s arrest may lead India to leave the cult. Without Allison – the courts have forbidden Allison to talk to India – India might decide to go back home.

Q: Do you hear with her (India) mother?

A: Yes. Her mother wants India to come home. To leave this deadly cult. Her mother, Catherine, has saved many women from this cult because she has spoken out against it. Catherine is the only parent who had the courage to speak out against this rich and deadly cult. She is the great heroine of this saga, but the tragic irony is that her daughter remains engulfed in the clutches of this wicked, death-dealing, destructive cult.

By Catherine working so hard and fearlessly to publicize the horrors of NXIVM, the worldwide media took up the cause; The FBI investigated. The US Attorney arrested the leader, Keith Raniere, and his assistant, Allison Mack.  Now India remains under the evil control of the new cult leader, the heiress of the Seagram Liquor fortune, Clare Bronfman.
india oxenberg
India Oxenberg stands outside her workplace in NYC Courtesy Daily Mail.

Q: How is India now?

A: India is brainwashed. She believed a monster who lied at every turn. Her mother has tried to rescue her. Her grandmother, Princess Elizabeth came to New York  to try to talk sense into her.  Nothing worked. She believed in Allison Mack. Now Allison was arrested and will likely turn on Raniere. Maybe Allison will turn on India too.

Then perhaps India will realize she too must give evidence against Raniere and Clare Bronfman.  India may be arrested or maybe not. Much depends on whether India listens to her mother, her grandmother, and her heart.

Have you tried to explain to India how dangerous it is?

India has been told by many people how dangerous it is. She is defiant. But now, as the cult is falling down all around her, she may finally wake up and realize – before it is too late. If she acts quickly, she might be able to avoid arrest.

When was the last time you saw her?

I have not seen her except in photographs. I am told India thinks that I am her enemy because I have exposed the cult through my writings. Many in the cult blame me and India has said that everything I wrote – that the cult was evil  – that women were branded and blackmailed – was a lie.  Now the leaders have been arrested for blackmailing and branding women – charged with sex trafficking and forced labor.
The ironic thing is that India is not a criminal. She was used by leaders. She is a victim and she is brainwashed. Maybe now that her cult leaders cannot speak with her, and  Allison has, for all practical purposes, defected – maybe India will go home to her mother and her grandmother and find peace.

catherine elizabeth and india
Princess Elizabeth, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg
Will she really be arrested?

India may be arrested. She is listed in the criminal complaint against Raniere as a co-conspirator. While she helped the cult – and they used her because of her beauty and fame – she is not a true criminal in my opinion.

However, she may have committed conspiracy crimes.

If she is arrested, many millions of people in America will wonder if it is fair, for she truly is a victim, a true victim of brainwashing. Americans will also look at the horrible injustice for, in so many ways, it was the bravery of her mother, Catherine Oxenberg, who made the people and the government aware of this illegal, dangerous cult. She was trying to rescue her daughter. In so doing, she rescued other women, but not her own daughter.

Imagine a mother’s grief and the grief of all who follow this story, that a mother, trying to rescue her daughter, exposed the cult that brainwashed her daughter – but in the end – because India’s brainwashing is so deep – that she gets arrested and sent to jail!

If, in trying to save her daughter, India is put in jail while others go free, it would be an outrage: that a mother’s love would lead to freedom for every victim but her own daughter.  It would be like a spiritual death to everyone – to the people who have tried to deliver justice and end this cult; for the daughter of the hero to be punished when she is, above all, a victim of one of the most ruthless cults perhaps in history.

Did she help her talk with her grandmother?

Throughout this entire, horrifying period, Princess Elizabeth has been the bridge between Catherine and India. Princess Elizabeth knows, I am sure, that India has been victimized by the brainwashing cult, but has been the hand to reach out to India to be accessible, to be the person who will listen to India’s side, while, at the same time,  without pandering to her ‘illness’.
India is sick, not physically so much, but mentally. Princess Elizabeth has tried to help her granddaughter get well without alienating her completely during the time of India’s “insanity.”  Slowly India may recover and recognize that her mother and grandmother have tried to save her.

Is it true that India has recruited new members?

All the slaves – and India is a slave – it is a new kind of slavery – not one with chains of the body but rather of the mind – recruited. But there is one difference between India and some of the other slaves. I don’ beleived India was never cruel. While many of the other slaves were ruthless and mean like their grandmaster Keith Raniere, India was a gentle soul. She did not – as far as I know – ever ascribe to the cruelties the others have done. She has instead been a force for gentleness. This made her more of a victim.

Did Keith and Allison sexually abuse India?

From what I know, they did abuse her. She has been branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials.  She was undoubtedly ordered by Allison to have sex with Keith Raniere.

What all she suffered?

The true suffering is that they brainwashed her. By brainwash, I mean Raniere used hypnosis, took blackmail material against India, branded her with a hot iron like cattle. And lied to her to tell her this is all for her own good.

Whether she will be able to testify and testify against K. Raniere and Alison Mack?

In the end, she is a victim. She will probably have to testify against Raniere – if he goes to trial. I do not think Allison Mack will go to trial. I think Allison will testify against Raniere to save herself. Allison might also testify against India.

If India is smart she will agree to testify against Raniere and the Seargam;s heriess and cult leader Clare Bronfman. She will leave the cult today. Call her mother or her grandmother  and say, “I’m coming home.”

What do you think of all this as her friend?

Sometimes a person is a friend, and that friend does not even know it. To India, I am not her friend, I am the enemy. But one day, her view may change.
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